MRSS - Niche Market Research play

(Jinal) #170

Mrss wins order from hpcl iocl big booster

(JKS) #171

PS - Invested

(D A PATEL) #172

can anyone know the award value of this contract ???

(Jinal) #173

Company once again to allot share on preferntial basis to sarang panchal .

(Akash Padhiyar) #174

At what price they are allocating?

(Jinal) #175

27 april is the board meeting will come to know

(Jinal) #176

Board approved issue of share of 30000 at 315 to sarang panchal. Current quoted price is 235

(rvetri) #177

Yes… That is a 40% premium… The conviction gets better. And this is
just before the results. And now we know how the results are going to
be… :sunglasses::grin:

(starman) #179

Minimum quantity is reduced to 600 from today (Earlier 1200 was minimum quantity if I am not wrong).

(JKS) #180

May 26th is the result

(JKS) #181

H2 results came out today (Sat, 26th May).
At 1st glance, both standalone and consolidated results look good. Here is the link

I also tabulated the same for easy read
Looking upto folks, who can dissect and both brickbats and bouquets are welcome. Most important, I will be keen to know more how the Singapore subsidiaries are working/ contributing.
PS - invested

(starman) #182

Share capital is increased (doubled) from Rs ~5 crores to Rs 10 crores. Still EPS will be same for both basic and diluted? Can somebody enlighten me.

(JKS) #183

I am no accounting guru and let me begin with that caveat.
There was a 1:1 bonus issue in Oct 2017
EPS and Bonus Shares Issue

EPS for both the current year and previous year are calculated as if the bonus shares were issued at the start of the year. It is to ensure comparability of the EPS with the previous year.
Comparable EPS for previous year = Original EPS for previous year * No. of shares before bonus issue / No. of shares after bonus issue

(sensaptarishi) #184

and to top it with huge receivables at the consolidated financials. looks like the subsidiary does sale in no cash. also there is a provision in bs, will be interesting to know that

(Jinal) #185

result looks really good on standalone basis as company is able to get new business as well as existing business from their client. On front of reecivable they have working cycle of 90 to 100 days everthing soon will be cleared as next month they are shifting to main board and start publishing quater result

Invested and looking to add on dips

(Jinal) #186

For consolidated basis we should better wait for this year result to get the actual comparision

(AmitContrarian) #188

@Jinal @dapkani Not sure if you guys have come across this article

There are some pressing questions that you have be sure about before investing in this company, Be safe when you are investing in SME. This space is filled with landmine and don’t trust anyone blindly including credible people here pitching for the stock.


As the initiator of this thread, I really liked this story based on the future potential, niche space and high margins

However, of recent i have become uncomfortable due to the following reasons

  1. Over publicity of the company by promoters
  2. Issuing shares to someone at 300+ when price is @200
  3. price movement which is not giving weightage to any of the positive announcements of the co

Hence, for all practical purposes, you can assume my interest/holding in the co is now nil

If i change my view at any point in the future, will post it here

Mcap when posted : 180 cr.

(Jinal) #190

Totally agreed with the article but now market cap is 190 cr as on date against 400 cr further on stand alone basis company has posted 46 cr topline with 13 cr as trade receivable which is at a comfort zone share is down 50 percent from all time high and now avaiable at pe of 15 arund which can be considered as propely valued. By mid of june shifting will be done to main board hence lot system will go of and company will start publishing quater result which will give us better picture. I have mailed to company few queries on current financial performance once il recive it i keep u guyz updated

(M S S Murthy) #191

To put my view in a nutshell after all the slide down of value by the share : The share is sliding down in spite of a by and large better result due to negative perception by the market the major reasons for which was briefly stated by the initiator of this thread and - according to me - less efficient use of cash generated and mobilised.
As far as the business activity of the company is concerned it appears continuing at the same pace . I continue to track the business performance as well as the financial management of the company with open mind .I still feel there is a potential opportunity for investment here as and when the management takes a course correction.