Monte Carlo Fashions-Branded Apparel Stock at Good Valuation

(Mayank) #42

Hello. I had just started tracking this company. As I was searching the news for monte carlo, I saw one interview in September of Sandeep Jain. This was regarding the wool price, that are now at a record high. He explained that this year monte carlo will not be effected by the higher wool prices because they had ordered the yarn in march. Hence, this year is covered.
I wanna know/understand that this means that the coming year the prices will be higher. So will it have any effect on the margins of the company. I mean since they order the yarn in march, hence higher prices will be taken care in the selling price of the final product. That may have an effect on the sales as the price will be higher. Also, I want to understand regarding the effect on end of season sales and e-commerce on this company. Where can I find any news regarding that?