Mayur Uniquoters - wah kya stock hai?

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For the last many days I’ve been getting Google alerts about this company. And everytime it turns out to be substantial acquisition of stocks by the promoter from the open market to the tune of just 100-500 shares. There have been 10 such instances in October itself. Just curious. Why would the promoters do so, and at the expense of administrative hassle of having to send disclosures to the exchanges everytime they do it?

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Hello @goyal_neelesh- this be an unrelated question but useful from the point of view of tracking Mayur Uniquoters or any specific stock. My question is what is your google alert trigger here - just - Mayur Uniquoters? Or, are you adding something more which is resulting in you getting to know about promoter stock buying actions? Would be grateful if you can share this information. Thanks


if you see the PAT growth (which is more relevant) it has grown 20% in those 5 years of stagnating sales , which implies the Quality of sales is improving. This seems to be a classic example of fundamentals back filling while the stock price stagnates. With the new PVC and PU lines coming stock could give a sharp pop on the upside.

Disc- invested.

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Hi Chetan, just Mayur uniquoters in Google Alert. Though it results in also getting crappy alerts which are not really useful. Actually I learnt about this from Jatin Khemani’s presentation. Here he taks about multiple ways of finding more about the company.

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Good story about a stock which has created lot of wealth for VPers.

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Thank you next 4 to 5 yrs 3 times of current exports…interesting…

Any one know what is current exports on total revenue