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Max Ventures – A Unique Demerger Opportunity

(Sunil Arora) #85

Can someone knowledgeable throw some light on why the investment companies of promoters have take on debt of more than 5000 crores. It is a major concern since most of the promoter holding in Max Fin and Max India is pledged. While this issue may seem unconnected with Max Venture but I think it will pay to dig further, if promoters are buying real estate parcels in their personal name and later transfer it to the company just the way the 600,000 Sft property in NCR region has been

(Investor_No_1) #86

Appreciate the good discussion going on here. I am invested in MVIL. Will chip in when get any information. At time being, it is a little thoght provoquing to keep holding despite transactions with promoter companies, equity dilution (although here the business seems to need it). Also, not able to understand clearly what the promoters want to do with this company. Which area will it grow into is still not clear. Vision is also not clear. Management sometimes is very slow…for eg. ICICI bank news regarding ICICI pru FPO came 2 days back and in 2 days the FPO date is finalized…while in Max Venture/Max India etc. we hear one part of news 2 months back and then a lul…we as minority shareholders do not know what is happening at all…but still huge respect for Analjit Singh so far has kept me holding on to this one…

(Investor_No_1) #87

When Analjit Singh and his brothers got business by kind of inheritence…his brothers got Ranbaxy…while he actually got Max Ventures…a small manufacturing business…practically nothing compared to Ranbaxy…Look at what he has created in long term…He created healthcare and Insurances business from scratch…although not sure if Max India (original before demerger) long term shareholders benefited in same proportions…and if at this age he has the same vigour ad vision…because now he seems in retirement mode…looking to dilute stake in all businesses and do somethings privately (dont know why)…so all is in hands of Tara and Sahil…they are not very vocal…high level articles are fine but not vocal during critical business decisions to understand their vision and strengths…like for eg. when recently Max Fin came out of IDBI Federal race…Analjit was the one who gave rationale…so we actually do not know what is the vision of the family with these companies…but as of now I still am inclined more that they are very sincere for their businesses and ethical so it may be good for long term shareholders…hence holding all 3…

Any counter views most welcome…

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(Neeraj) #88

HOw to apply for right issue of MaxVenture, I have icicidirect demet account

(Mahendra.jain) #89

Arvind khattar has acquired 1.07% stake as per the June quarter shp…rights issue extend for a week…

(vamafins) #90

Any reason for right Issue getting extended by week if promoter wants to increase its stake. Further till what limit can promoter can increase its stake in this company considering New york life also holding more than 20 % stake

(Mahendra.jain) #91

Any reason for sudden spike on price…the average volume has gone up too… expectations from quarterly results?

(Sandesh Gs) #92

Specialty films capacity doubling results should have reflected in top line. But I don’t see that growth- any idea why?

(kashif kidwai) #93

Rights issue of a total amount of 450cr. Promoters subscribed to 56% of the issue worth ~252cr. Consequently the shareholding of promoters has increased from 38.1% to 47.2% after the rights issue. That is a show of confidence by the promoters.


(jaikishan) #94

Q1FY19, Presentation.

(jaikishan) #95

Max Estates Ltd., the real estate arm of Max Venture & Industries Ltd., is set to invest about Rs 1,500 crore over the next three years to build a portfolio of office spaces, two people familiar with the plan told ET.
Max Estates set to invest Rs 1,500 cror… of office spaces - The Economic Times.pdf (800.9 KB)

(jaikishan) #96

Transcript of the Earning Conference Call held on August 21, 2018Transcript_Q1FY19.pdf (809.1 KB)

(jaikishan) #97
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(pradeepgoswami90) #99

they already sold 50% stake in Nykaa.
From 2018 AR "We made our 1st profit in
this vertical by selling ~50% of our stake at 100%
profit in a span of less than 18 months. "

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(anandrkris) #100

Q2 19 results.

Seems attractive at CMP?

Disc: Had held negligible position from de-merger earlier, exited as it was too small to track.

(anandrkris) #101

CMP is ~43. Taken some beating. Any news that I am missing? If I am not wrong Max Towers rental income should start flowing now.

Please share your thoughts. Thanks!

(jaikishan) #102

Education plan abandoned, Consequently, Max Learning Limited is under the process of changing its name to Max Asset Services Limited. I think management has taken the right step as none of the listed education players has generated a decent return for the shareholder.MAxVenture.pdf (551.2 KB)

(@MK) #103

Max towers expected completion date given by company was April 2018. No recent data available regards to completion, also no data on leasing part as how much of the area is already leased.

Does anyone has details regards to completion of Max towers and next ventures in pipeline.

Also on Speciality films, there was capex done and the new capex is on stream. However require to understand the current utilization levels of the total capacity.

Please post any recent data available regards to business

(Ankur Vohra) #104

In Q3 result release, they specified that Max Towers has received OC from Noida Authority.