Max Ventures – A Unique Demerger Opportunity

(yourraj) #63

Nice Write-up @kashif_1461 .I would like to suggest to add your disclosure which is mandatory as per SEBI rules as well .Please don’t feel offended .

(kashif kidwai) #64

Thanks. I think i have mentioned earlier also. MVIL forms a major portion of my portfolio and I have been adding to it at levels below 80 recently as well.


(ajaychauhan) #65

Board approved to raise 450 crore via Right issues

(Mahendra.jain) #66

Any update on the price and date for rights issue?

(ajaychauhan) #67

No announcement yet, hopefully some clarity may emerge on the day of announcement of q3 results.

(jajushobhit) #68

The seem to have sold some business investments as the there is some 20cr EBIT from the segment.


(ajaychauhan) #69

max ventures hold 2% stake in nykaa, which at current valuation is worth 60 crore.
Anyone aware about what happened to the proposed right issue?

(niraj.dugar) #70

Max ventures sold out 1% in Q3. They only hold 1% now. Should have an update on the rights issue in the next board meeting.

(himanjim) #71

(Aditya Mehta) #74

(ajaychauhan) #75

max ventures filed draft right issue offer document with SEBI