Many ValuePickr member fature in today ET of successful small investors!

(Santosh Sinha) #1


You you will be happy to hear that today’s ET has a features article on how small investors made it big ( some made 1.75 Cr). The artcle features few success stories. When I went thru the article, most of these were VP stocks and most interesting part was it has interview of some of these investors. I could identify our own Subhash Nayak & Vivek Gautam in the list with pic and their picks. Others could be also VP members but I couldn’t identify.

I think for all this the credit goes to entire team of VP, Donald, Hitesh, Ayush and many others.

Below is the link



(vaibhav) #2

Thanks for sharing Ashish and Santosh.

Many congratulations Vivek and Subhash and thanks for sharing your ideas. Please keep posting and post more if possible. :slight_smile: