Manpasand Beverages Ltd :- High growth potential stock

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You are missing… I attached Selan Exploration link…

It says same thing… Different auditors…

So quarterly audit process is this only I guess…

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Language used is challenging - ‘… has not disclosed the information required to be disclosed in terms of Regulation 33 of SEBI…’

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Read the second line which says “…nothing has come to our attention, that causes us to believe,… has not disclosed the information that needs to be disclosed”
Correct English which says as for as they have seen everything is in order and has been disclosed.Two negatives make a positive.

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Mouth shut for BTV

Source : Twitter CFO Abhishek Singh

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Discl: Not invested in the company but closely track development for improving understanding.

While you make agree or disagree, but increase in working capital is generally first sign of problem. Even company acknowledge its increase in working capital. So in that context, what is “Mouthshut” for Bloomberg article? In fact, first time I listen to view point that after auditor resignation dealer ask for credit period. Generally dealer has best understanding of working of company and its credit worthiness. If dealer is asking for high credit period, it is a bad sign in my opinion.

The limited point is this forum is for collective contribution for improving understanding of everyone and usage of correct launguage and word is most important. I would not like to take either side but please control emotion and use proper words. In my limited understanding, the managment reply is more of self goal and mouth shut.

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Thank you Dhiraj for your explanation on

  • increase in working capital being negative and
  • increase in credit days also as a red flag

I will be monitoring this closely as per the explanation given in the replies… (Expecting inventory and receivables going down by March 2019)

And yeah… apologies for using mouth shut …it indeed went out of emotions… Because I thought management giving out a detailed reply for all the questions raised is a positive sign…

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Current prices already price in the corporate governance related issues so these red flag doesn’t really make a difference.
What is not in the price is a bankruptcy/business shutdown. Since there is no debt in books only way it can happen is that company turns out to be a total fraud. But there is enough signs that there are plants and their product sell (Parle partnership).
So, I really don’t see much downside from here. Question is whether there is an upside?

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Appreciate your reply. Let us all of us try to control our emotion and make this thread more “investor friendly” in true sense.

Thanks for taking my comment in Right spirit. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Looking at teh Rs. 800 Cr. capex including CWIP in fixed assets, it seems like the comapny’s FA turnover is much lower than those of the peers. that’s the equivalent of the cost of a rafale jet.for the record, dynamatic which makes high precision aircraft parts which have low FA turnover has a 800 cr. FA for a Rs. 1400 cr. turnover. of course, its only a mental model on a nominal scale. I do know it costs not more than Rs. 30-40 cr. to set up a Rs. 200-300 cr. topline juice business based on private unlisted companies.

For what is a juice plant, a Rs. 800 Cr. FA looks very very high. Comparing it with dabur/parle, FA turns are at half of the other two (that said, their FA costs were historical and hence low). Also, the reason for removing distributors seems flaky - infact, collections are a better head ache than margin claw back with large customers.