Manpasand Beverages Ltd :- High growth potential stock

(paresh.sarjani1) #194

Do we consider D-Mart , Big Bazaar, More in similar store?
I am still wondering how does throughput figure been derived considering variety of stores whose sales can vary substantially

(Bhaskar Jain) #195

One thing I saw all recent articles mention is the preference for avoiding carbonated beverages and Mango Sip being the healthier option. Do we have any data on this? Sugar is loaded on both these categories. Except fizz maybe not much difference between the two categories. if I am looking for healthier drink, I would choose plain no-added-sugar fruit juices from say Real. Am trying to understand what is the benefit for someone choosing Mango Sip over say Coke/Pepsi/Slice/Maaza except price.

(shreys) #196

Dear @bhaskarjain,
In my opinion, anyone who is genuinely health conscious should avoid packaged beverages like the plague. They do no good to our body.
Coming to your question on the incentive to choose Mango Sip over other beverages-
I think it’s delicious. Its consistency hits the sweet spot. And, the pricing is attractive.
Now, this may seem like a concocted narrative. But, recently on my visit to DMart I chose Mango Sip over other beverages. It seems to me that the product isn’t as sweet as its competitors. However, I haven’t been able to check the authenticity of my views.
Also, there was no dearth of demand for the product.

(Rohit) #197

Where do you live ? Is it not available in south India ? I have not seen its products here in bangalore.

(shreys) #198

Mango Sip is available in Mumbai.

(Bhaskar Jain) #199

Have seen Mango Sip few times in Bangalore. When the 2point2capital report came, I saw it in the local Heritage store with the Buy One Get One offer. In DMart Hogansandra, I think have seen it once.

(aravindms1us) #200

I have seen Mango Sip in Bangalore many times. But there is another brand “Sip-On” more commonly seen, which is sold in tetra packs and is available in Rs.5 and Rs.10 tetra packs. It is not a Manpasand product.

(KunalKothari) #201

Aren’t the makers of Parle biscuits and Frooti the same group? (Chauhan family).

(Susindar) #202

As per wiki, it used to be a single group but got seperated to 3 groups. Parle agro (frooti), Parle Products (Parle-g) and Parle Bisleri. My understanding is the tie-up is with Parle Products the biscuit group. This is apparently the largest selling biscuit brand in the world which is quiet impressive.

It also seems that Parle agro and Parle Products are in dispute over the use of brand name due to Parle agro entering confectionary segment and directly competing with Parle Products. This can be a good motivating factor for Parle Products to support Manpasand ie. A good way to get back at Parle agro by competing with Frooti. It would be much more compelling if Parle Products picks up a stake in manpasand.


In fact, when I recently went to a DMart, the employee there said that it wasn’t selling at all, and he’d much prefer Frooti over it.
Personal choice, of course.

(paresh.sarjani1) #204

So can some expert in charts comment on the behavior… How does 2 mins UC to LC be interpreted… Is it speculation or really delivery selling?

BSE delivery 35% and NSE delivery 50%

(phreak) #205

This has nothing to do with technicals. Small/Micro caps can be pumped and dumped at will by a single trader or a small group of traders, especially in special situations like these. If it is a junk stock/possible junk stock with corp governance issues or possible fraud, overstaying the welcome could make one a “long-term investor” in the stock. Tradable bounce is usually 15-20% from the bottom for these.

(pranav25) #206

No decrease in holdings of SBI, Motilal, ICICI or Saif Partners.

(phreak) #207

Nomura (3 different funds), Parvest, Baron and New Horizon have all exited their stake completely and that is about 14% of institutional stake which is quite substantial. MOSL I suspect has a commitment bias here and am curious to see how they handle this situation.

(Devaki Nandan Tripathy) #208

Nomura (3 funds) and Parvest have exited completely, while New Horizon and SAIF has not sold anything. Baron has pared its stake, but still holding 3.62%. SBI, ICICI and Motilal Oswal MFs have increased their stakes slightly. Curiously, Citibank N.A. has picked up 1.14% stake in this quarter. Retail float has increased to 6.19% from 2.49% a quarter earlier.

(Marathondreams) #209

I think the question here is "How bad is bad? In other words, does the current market cap adjust for all the bad news or more is yet to come. Only time will tell. It seems institutional investors have split verdict on this case… So the jury is still out

(Devaki Nandan Tripathy) #210

On a different note, if this is what FII exodus looks like, what will happen in case of an India specific macro event and FIIs decide to sell lock, stock and barrell? Do our institutions, retail and HNI have the liquidity to arrest the fall? Decades of carefully accumulated LTCG would just evaporate in couple of weeks.

Highly improbable at this juncture, but, history has seen stranger days…

(Devaki Nandan Tripathy) #211

(rajeshaaidu) #212


It is really quite confusing! MOSL, SBI as well as SAIF are not ready to leave the field.

I think they are betting on long term prospect of the company. In short term (2 years), it will be nerve wrenching bet. Let us see RA is able to follow his philosphy of “Buy right and Sit tight” or not😀. If these people will start slowly dumping, then we have to be very cautious. I think before any buy, keep on checking bulk and block deal data. One good thing volumes are very less, so less chances of going down. But, anybody noticing any unusual activity of these funds, do update.
Disclosure: Invested

(Chandra) #213

One thing I noticed is the stock goes from Upper circuit to Lower circuit within few minutes ,observed this few days back…I am not sure how this can happen in less than a minute time .
Disclosure : Invested small Qty.