Mahesh portfolio : please guide

(Vijay) #41

Another option is to invest 50% in a good mutual fund (with right AUM size, good fund manager, low cost). It takes 5 to 10 years to understand the market and most likely the mutual fund might outperform your equity portfolio. In my opinion,

  1. Investing need not be focussed on multi baggers. Focus on steady cagr of 20% while you learn.
  2. understand risk and downside.
  3. Invest based on business quality instead of market perception.
  4. holding Cash is better than investing in random bad stocks. Don’t rush and keep moving from one stock to another. Churning is a bad idea.
  5. Have at least 10 stocks with highest allocation not more than 15% in any single stock. After 5 or 10 years, you can concentrate your portfolio.

I made my biggest mistakes during first 10 years of my investment career. You may be smarter and can be a good investor in 1 or 2 years but why take the chance? Have higher allocation to mutual fund when you start.

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Now my holding is

  1. manappuram 25%
    Added 15% at 93 this week
  2. Hdfc bank 10%
  3. Karnataka bankn10%
  4. liberty shoes 10%
  5. wonderla 10%
  6. vrl logistics 10%
    7)Jain irrigation 10%
  7. camlin fine 10%
    9)5% indo count

(maheshkumar) #43

At last manappuram started moving
It was 25% of my portfolio
Now I have the most difficult que for all u guys
When I bought manappuram,it was an easy decision
Very cheap valuations
But now it is up by 25%
Making 37% of my portfolio
I have no clue when to sell
How do I calculate the fair value
Please please guide
I am very newbie
Ur response much appreciated
It’s making me jittery with so much weightage in my portfolio