Mahanagar Gas Ltd - a natural monopoly

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PNGRB launched 9th CGD Bidding Round On 12.04.2018, for development of
City Gas Distribution (CGD) networks for the 86 Geographical Areas (GAs) which
includes 174 districts (156 complete and 18 part), spread over 22 States and Union
Territories (UTs) in India. Based upon the bids evaluations PNGRB in its 79th
Board meeting held on 03.08.2018, approved issue of Letters of Intent (LoI) to the
following 18 successful bidders for 48 Geographical Areas (GAs)

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MGL’s all three bidding region are not announced yet.

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Igl has won Meerath region and it’s 50% jv Maha rashtra natura gas has won Sindhudurg district.Only IGL know how much volume they can generate and what is the capex required.Both IGL and MGL was very conservative on bidding.

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I personally like companies which take on their plates what they can digest and then execute well. IGL has NCR, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Rewari, and now Meerut, Muzaffarnagar & Shamali as well.

Then it has Pune and now a new one with MNGL stake.

Also, it has Kanpur and Bareilly with CUGL stake.

Earnings growth will now come if:

  1. Execution is done timely(means maximum availability of CNG stations, quick action on PNG connection requests) and without debt, &

  2. Districts allotted adopt the idea of a cleaner, cheaper fuel that is abundantly available.

I was surprised to see Mr Adani getting max districts in Gujarat & an established player like Gujarat gas getting just one (Did it bid for others at all?).

This, imo, boils down to the difference between entrepreneurs & bureaucrats & secondly the belief of the current administration that private players working for profits first will speed up natural gas development, provide better services even though they’ll charge more.

That said, I came across a comment on how MGL doesn’t respond to connection requests for long periods:

Disc.: Invested in both IGL, MGL & generally positive on the value migration to natural gas theme.

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Iam also invested in MGL and IGL. I did a project on queing theory as a part of MBA course in one of the CNG filling stations in the NCR area. This was around 2008 and the waiting period was dependent on the pressure of the cylinder banks and if the pressure was less, you had a long queue. Although things have progressed, you still have a waiting time for refilling as compared to conventional fuels.
As a user of CNG car in Gujarat, it might be slightly cheaper to run than diesel, but the range falls short. You could run about 120km on a tankful and then queue up. I also felt the pickup was a bit less and the spark plugs needed replacement.
I bought my first share of IGL after the project at around 91 rs and have held on. Typically owners of pipelines/highways should give you lifelong toll kind of income. But there are risks with IGL/MGL. IGL took a dive sometime in 2013, when there was a PNGRB ruling on pricing.Being a government run company, the motive to do well is little and with private players closing in their glory days must be coming to an end. There could also be a possibility of a private player taking up the license when it expires. They pay IGL/MGL just a toll fee for using their pipeline.

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You are right.Services of IGL on png is v poor.They hardly respond .In spite of I being from same industry and knowing several of their top people, it was v difficult to get them to get the connections done.It took almost 1.5 years in our society.u can gauge what will happen when mkt opens up to Pvt players.telecom is in example

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Dixit Doshi: Just one question Sir, I understand we have license agreement till 2020 for Mumbai market so if
you can help us with what will happen post that how we will be renewing it and can the other
players also target this market?
Management : As per the PNGRB regulations, the infrastructure exclusivity for GA-1, which is Mumbai city
expires in 2020, but as per the same regulations entities are allowed extension of the
infrastructure exclusivity in blocks of 10 years provided they do not breach any regulations. It is
expected that the rollover will happen of this exclusivity.
Dixit Doshi: So if the rollover happens will you remain the sole player?
Management : Yes because usually the intent is always to have only one operator so unless there is some serious
default, second operator is not put in place or added.

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Article refers to MNGL but gives insight into consumer behaviour…

(invested in MGL)

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On 10thSo far, August 2018, PNGRB in its 80th Board meeting approved issue of Letters of Intent (LoI) to the 10 successful bidders for the following 30 Geographical Areas (GAs).
Till date- Out of 86 GAs, 78 GAs were announced.

MGL’s all three bidded GAs are still pending for approval.

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“Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come.”
Victor Hugo

I’ve stayed in Pune for slightly more than a year in 2016-17 on rent. Piped gas connections were like a completely alien concept there and there’s residenti construction activity going on at a furious pace - lots of societies filled with young professionals.

MNGL currently has no visibility at all (no ads, no billboards, didn’t even see those small milestone like signs saying “MNGL pipeline here” like we find in Delhi) and LPG cylinders are norm of the day.

But cylinders a big hassle trust me. Whoever I talked with, whether living on rent or not, would any day want to opt for PNG since cylinders are so unreliable.

My landlord couldn’t cook food once because their cylinder gave up and the spare one was lent to someone. New one is not at your beck and call.

Rentiers have to purchase one from the black market so they don’t have to pay for a connection as they know they’re living temporarily.

If the company is saying there are no takers as yet, but they’re ready with infra to provide the connections, that imho is a very positive sign.

If the company invests in improving it’s visibility, carries out awareness campaigns to educate the people on benefits of PNG vs LPG, I’m sure these 2 lac odd pending connections would sign up day after.

The pros are simple and straightforward:

  1. People need to cook food for which they need gas.
  2. PNG is cheaper, more convenient (no ordering required, no prediction as to when cylinder will give up required) and more reliable (non stop automated delivery of service) than LPG.
  3. It’s also safer than LPG (cylinders blow up, stranger in your house etc)

They’ll find these points in any CGDs investor presentation :stuck_out_tongue:

Just need to pick it up and paste it on billboards all across the townships and housing societies.

Disclosure: invested in MNGL through IGL and see this as a big opportunity. Whether the company is able to leverage it is of course another matter.

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Adani Gas wins 21 cities out of 52.

As per below older news, MGL participated in the bid, but no mention of how many bids.