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Another 10% down today, 10,000 shares sold by Praveen on Friday. Seems it’s big quantity today.

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Severe term could be used because these chemical reaction based on catalyst or any other type would require a specific temperature and pressure to continue. If the electricity is disconnected then all of the loaded chemicals would be of no use. It may take some days or week to get the unit to its required state.
Though i am also convinced by the comments by chanumangu. Lets see what happens to the Q1FY19. But for now it is a sell for me.
One more point is that the fire has destroyed part of Privi Organics facility but the stock of Fairchem is not falling much this script is falling like a knife!!!

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Does any one know if the Demerger of LASA and OSCL can be challenged in court by OSCL lenders ?

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The production resumes

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I have following views. I think Dr Omkar proactively informed and we are thrashing him. If he would not have informed and today informed that their is slight damage we would have trashed him for not disclosing timely.

Accidents are something beyond anyone.

I see him as a typical engineer who is unable to appreciate the issues of financing / stock market world. I would wait for results and see how he is on his commitments.

He clearly stated that he would do acquisitions which he did, not sold any stock, he cannot control what his father/ brother decides to do.

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Link of the press release today -

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All said and done, the company is an offshoot of OSCL which is going down the dumps. There is bound to be rub off effect on Lasa. I hope it turns out good for the optimistic investors.

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I don’t think so. the demerger would have required NOC from all the lenders.

Since, NOC was given lenders cannot now challenge the demerger.

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While still being amused by the back-to-back extremely negative and then positive dispatches for a fire in the neighbourhood (To see how it could have been handled better, do take a look at BEPL’s dispatch of fire in their own facility couple of days back), I have taken a small position here today.

OSCL + Lasa was around Rs.180 pre-demerger, and was pumped to Rs.300 (together) post demerger and is now at Rs.90 (Rs.73 + Rs.17)!


  1. Maybe the demerger shenanigans are almost over but there is still 6 lakh shares with father and brother. Who knows? This might even fall to 50 levels if that comes into market anytime soon.

  2. Are the numbers reported for last 3 quarters real? If the OPM and PAT numbers are real, even with a steep corp governance discount, this is trading quite cheap. If they are not and this is going to go the way of OSCL (quite possible) then there is risk of losing entire capital.

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Get ready for another deluge of Lasa shares on the streets.

OSCL transferred 1100000 (4.81%) shares to Pravin Herlekar.
e5a50877-b466-4a56-84aa-304558b69b9b.pdf (157.8 KB)

7c5c4741-f33b-4af2-a025-3b693992ff2e.pdf (137.5 KB)

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I think these are meant for interse transfer to Omkar Harlekar. Let us wait and see.

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It’s a off market transaction, it’s not clear from where Mr Praveen acquired 11 lakh shares.
If it is from OSCL to Mr Praveen…and meant for interse transfer to Mr Omkar , in that case it should directly transfered to Mr Omkar from OSCL.
Now father has lot of shares to sell, what will happen to Lasa stock now
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These shares , as per the demerger agreement are to be transferred to Dr Omkar Herlekar , after which his stake in Lasa will rise to 36 percent.

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He these are to be transferred to Dr omkar then why is it being transferred to Pravin.

(nkgambhir) #429

That, in my view is a procedural issue. As long as the shares are transferred to Dr Omkar, I am not bothered. Let us wait and see.

(Changu Mangu) #430

Although I am not invested here from some time, for the benefit of those who are trying to figure out what is going on with the recent share transfer. This is just my opinion.

This is from the conference call of the demerger

These 10% shares held by OSCL of LASA belong to all the shareholders of OSCL and not only the promoters. Think why half of it are transferred to Pravin Herlekar at a paper price of 100 Rupees per share.

They are not for transfer to Omkar Herlekar. These were the property of OSCL for giving LASA unit 5 (then called unit 5).

This looks like a paper transaction wherein on paper OSCL will be paid Rs 100 per share by Pravin and then he is free to sell them at whatever price he wants. Then the paper money collected by OSCL will disappear in some expenses or losses.

It its possible that they have basically smartly started moving the one monetizable asset of OSCL which is LASA shares which can still fetch some money to dispose of in the market by bringing them under personal control from company control. That is what I infer.

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Why a loss? Because of raw material? Can anyone explain how can we join the con call?

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go on BSE check the announcements… you will find the investor meet details posted by the company on BSE.