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Hi all,

Would like to highlight one key aspect - Quality of Employees and Top Management. I was going through the top management profile and it seems to be quite mediocre and below average (except for MR. OMKAR P. HERLEKAR) Link -
Furthermore, it seems that company does not invest much into the quality of employees On a run rate basis, the annual employee cost is around 10 crores on a revenue of 240 crores which is meagre 4% of total revenue. I do take into consideration of the small turnover but you need some technical people to run the API business. Employee quality seems to be one challenge i guess.


@nkgambhir - What exactly did you find informative in the video? It looks like a spam message with someone recommending a buy and carries nothing worthwhile deserving a place in this forum IMHO.

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Well just because employee cost is less doesnt mean that they are below average or mediocre. They are the one who are responsible for raising the turnover from 1Cr to 200 Cr, from one product to 15 products. What matters is the understanding of business and process which I think they should have given their experience.

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As far as i think this downfall can be attributed to:

  1. Confusion about promoter holding (father selling continously in Lasa)
  2. Omkar Speciality promoter history hovering on Lasa (However father Son set apart after demerger but Son has to prove his (Lasa) potential)
    (Omkar promoters never kept on their words in past)
  3. CFO resign, No experience person in Board of Directors
  4. Auditors resigned (managment not clarified on this, it can be symptoms of poor corporate governance) And after that they hired two Auditors one after one. (Need for 2 Auditors, no words from mgmt side)

Management calrified many times about shareholding but still a confusion is there…

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