KRBL- The King of Basmati rice

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News report below suggests that Iran has become largest importer of Basmati rice in FY 18 taking over from Saudi Arabia.

Hence US missile attack in Syria followed by rhetoric from Trump about Russia and Iran is bringing back possibility of US sanctions on Iran. In that case, India’s Basmati export can come under pressure. I believe this is the reason for softness of stock prices of all rice exporters like KRBL (although LT foods and Chamanlal Setia are up today)

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I understand KRBL is domestic consumption driven story. Share of export to total sales is falling.

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Found this product on Costco shelf in the U.S. Please notice how it says ‘Grown in the U.S’ on top right corner. Isn’t that non compliance to the GI tagging that Basmati enjoys ? How / which body ensure the Basmati tag is not used by any other regional grown rice ? Next to this was Royal Basmati, royally claiming itself as the nos one Basmati rice in USA.

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It’s good to look back what management said and what they have done. The videos attached below from 2015

Discl - taken tracking position in last one week

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Shareholding statement for March 2018

Cannot see the 2.7% stake by Pabrai funds here. Did he exit ?

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If you see the shareholding, the only major change is the Balsharaf’s have reduced stake to about 3% (from 6.38%). This is about 73 lakh shares sold. Pabrai Funds have bought about 64 lakh shares. Although, Pabrai Funds is not listed in Shareholding, you can see that there is Clearing house (INDIAN CLEARING CORPORATION LIMITED) which is holding about 65 lakh shares. I think this could be shares of Pabrai Funds which were yet to be transferred as of 31st March, There is hardly any change in retail holding and Anil Kumar Goel’s holding is completely intact.

But then this brings the question of who did the selling in March. Did one of the Goels sell and then buyback before end of quarter because of LTCG? Or did Pabrai have buyer’s remorse and so dumped the shares after a month of buying? I don’t how clearing houses work and if they can hold a client’s shares for nearly 2 months. Can someone shed some light? It could also be the other 9 lakh shares (73 - 64) of the Balsharafs ended up in the open market in March.

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Clearing houses are intermediaries between buyers and sellers. They become the buyer to every seller and the seller to every buyer. This reduces risk for the concerned parties and enhances confidence.

It increases the faith of the concerned parties by assuring every buyer that shares will be delivered and assuring every seller that money will be credited to their account.

If either party(buyer or seller) doesn’t keep their end of the bargain the clearing house will intervene and facilitate the deal.
For example-
a) If a buyer refuses refuses to pay cash the clearing house will pay the seller.
b) If a seller refuses to deliver shares the clearing house will deliver shares.

The clearing house reduces risk by demanding margin.
In most cases deals are concluded in 3-4 working days.

In this case I’m speculating so please excuse me if I err-
Is it possible that Mr. Pabrai’s fund didn’t buy the shares and lost the margin deposited. The clearing house stepped in and acquired shares of the seller and they’ve held on to it.

Second possiblity: Mr. Pabrai sold shares a few days before 31st March and in the meanwhile the clearing house was in possession of shares.

Third possibility: There’s a dispute and in the process of resolution shares are in the custody of the clearing house.

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Found this in Walmart Canada, if you look closely, these are imported and packed in Canada. I am sure it must be the case with Della also. It would be interesting to know who the suppliers are!

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That was my initial thought too. But look closely at the top right corener of the pic I posted. It says “ Grown in the USA “ . I did check at the back and dint find any supplier info.