Kitex Garments Limited

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I decided to visit Toys R Us which was opened couple of months back in Bangalore - mainly to check if Kitex manufactured garments were present. There were racks of baby garments present from various vendors like - First Step Baby Wear (Bangalore based), GM garments(Mumbai based) and a couple of other manufacturers(forgot their names).
Then I found a whole rack of baby garments under the brand name Koala baby…All the garments under the brand name were manufactured by Kitex Garments. The quality of clothes were certainly a notch or 2 higher than all other baby garments I checked in the store. Please find couple of pics I took at the store.

Disc: Invested for a long time. Views could be biased. The above info may not have any material impact on the revenue of the company in the immediate future. Just a datapoint to show that there are opportunities like this which may arise for the company in other geographies. But as Mr Sabu has said in the conf calls in the past, US is the largest market and other geographies are not his priorities at the moment.

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Lamaze organic garments have good ratings on Amazon US, however number of reviews are less which indicates fewer sales.

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Expansion could be in either AP or Karnataka.

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As per the below article, Karnataka Govt has cleared the investment of Kitex Garments in Hassan.

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Planning to start production by March 2019.