Kernex: TCAS led multi year growth story

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The list of allotees is out.
Apart from the Promoter group, encouraging to see the current CEO, K Krishnam Raju (who is not part of the Promoter group), also participating.

The size of preferential (~10crs) and participation from the Promoter group and CEO are positive signs that they are bullish about the business prospects. We wait for the actual order flow and execution of TCAS orders. Any additional order wins from international markets for signalling/gates would be an additional positive.

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Thanks for sharing. Ever since i came across you’re thread i have been tracking this stock as the TCAS story seems very interesting and nothing is priced in yet which gives the margin of safety. I had a couple of questions and was wondering if you may have the answers:

1.) FY17-18 sales was expected to be around 25cr if i am not mistaken. 9M sales is ~9cr. was wondering if you expect the remainder in 4Q ?
2.) Have you found out when will its Safety Certification and other necessary certifications which are required to begin execution of orders begin ?

Thanks again.

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Is there anyway to contact the company?
The email and phone numbers on the website dont seem to work.


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I think the 3 cos will be big beneficiaries of this news right?

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Could someone share information about other participants in the train safety business?
In Europe, Siemens has an extensive portfolio of train safety systems. Isn’t it possible some of these foreign companies will receive orders? Is the technology possessed by Kernex its intellectual property?

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In the year ending March 2013, on a sales turnover of around 28 chores they had an employee expense of 7.81 crores, which is around 28 percent.
However, in 2017 employee expense has jumped to nearly 45 percent of sales turnover. Despite anemic growth in sales their employee expense has grown significantly.
Could someone please explain why this could be happening?

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Medha Servo, Kernex and HBL are selected for the TCAS project out of multiple contenders. You can go through the entire thread to find out. Employee expense has risen most likely due to the need, development and extensive trials of TCAS.

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Many thanks for the reply.

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i found this article from Egyptian railway…وزير-النقل-نظام-إلكتروني-حديث-للإشارات-بخطوط-القطارات-بـ17-مليار

Go to the link and translate to english

I have recently met an egyptian guy in tradingview…
I might get some more local insights

Disclaimer… No current investment…tracking fundamentals, will bottom fish

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Kernex is moving out of z group from June 21st.
BSE notices

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