KCP Ltd - undervalued cyclical company

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Thats great news for KCP. We need to be patient and watch for consolidated results. Also consider that the Vietnam sugar plant has gone through and expansion of sugar capacity and power capacity. May do an EPS of 12 for the year is my guess.

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This news is from 2005. Sugar prices are falling in Vietnam. Refer article below.


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We should see increased demand for cement in the medium term.

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dispatches of sagar cements are very healthy for month of feb - this is one indication of demand in the AP/Telangana region.Eagerly waiting for KCP cement details…Below are the details as posted by @basumallick on sagar cement thread -


Could someone tell how is coal prices and freight faring now compared to last quarter.

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As per my little understanding and based on what little bit Ive read, coal prices will only fall over the next 1-2 years but of course I could be completely wrong.