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Here is the original documentary, posted around two years ago on youtube. It seems to be in Dutch, with some parts in English.

Jump to 20 min, to hear about Dominos India.
The film is about Junk food and its ill effects in general. IMHO It Does not seem to be fake in any way and it is not targeting Dominoes specifically but Junk food in general.

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Though Dominos assures it’s customers that they use real cheese, question is Can this fake video dent its sales?

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From time to time these things keep happening. There was the Maggi controversy some time ago. Pepsi, Coca Cola, McDonald’s, KFC - all of them face variety of allegations all the time. There is no need to worry about such videos.

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Its not only pizza…we have chowmein, burgers, Mccain products like smilies , samosa, mithai…choclates…pastry…cakes…its difficult to stop kids/young ones from consuming them…infact I have rarely seen kids parties happening without a pizza or burger…its a growing trend per my limited knowledge.

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HSBC has maintained ‘hold’ rating on Jubilant FoodWorksNSE 0.60 % and raised target price to Rs 2,600 from Rs 1,640. The firm said Jubilant FoodWorks’ exceptional success in turning around the same store sales growth and profitability has catapulted it into a solid growth story. Jubilant trades at FY20 EV/ EBITDA of 22 times, which still appears significantly below the other structurally attractive network rollout stories such as Titan and Avenue Supermarts.

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In a dramatic twist to the ‘fake BBC video on Domino’s’ that went viral on social media last week, Jubilant FoodWorks on Monday filed a First Information Report (FIR) in Noida against Eeshaan Kashyap, who allegedly impersonated in the viral video as Domino’s chef.

“The accused person makes multiple false accusations against Domino’s and gravely harms the reputation by way of his impersonation and illegal act and conduct of forgery and cheating,” Jubilant states in the FIR, a copy of which was reviewed by Forbes India. Kashyap never worked with Jubilant FoodWorks as an employee or a consultant, Domino’s India spokesperson asserted. “Many statements in the viral video are false, misleading and damaging to the reputation of our brand,” the spokesperson added.