JHS Svendgaard – An Oral Care FMCG Major In Making

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While there is lot of positive going for the company, as company turned around its business. But the stock has already risen 1000% in last two years. Which discounts all of it an even more. Company is still only a contract manufacturer to a large extent and growing its revenue at 10%. Which I think is not interesting for a long term perspective.
Not invested but tracking.

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other aspect that is up is the other expenses: Now is that legal costs or Advt costs due to own brands? worth investigating or asking the company. I have asked the Comp Sec over an email. Awaiting an answer; will share if i receive something.

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But this time, revenue growth is 26%. This is very bright spot seeing GST. I think, Patanjali is boosting it. Patanjali don’t have as many stores as other Colgate etc. All Patanjali branded stores and other stores are new and few products are given to those because of demand and supply mismatch. Demand is high for Patnajali products but supply is facing problem due to logistics issue. So, GST has not affected it, I think!

If current higher revenue is due to Patanjali only then we are owning Patanjali and we can benefit due to it.

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Revenue wise JHS growing but what about margins and what about their own business growth??? We need to ask to company.

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Nikhil Nanda interview after Q1 Results


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Thanks for sharing the interview link, I wonder why they didn’t mention about bottom line much and explanation on one-time expense.

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So the reason for the expense is that excise exemption given to them is now off. So this looks like a recurring expense now.

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Hi Nitin: Can you pl. share the source of Information. Also, in the next line it is written that However, JHS continues to enjoy duty exemption for its unit manufacturing toothpaste till 2020 (What is this??)

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Thanks Nitin! But second line i.e. However… still not clear

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Is it likely that duty exemption has been reinstated till 2027. I understand it is for NE and Hilly region. I have reached out to the company for a clarification on the same. If i receive anything will post it.

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I am given to understand by the company that Excise Duty exemption expired on April 20th and therefore the company paid this due from 20th April - 30th June period. As all are aware, Excise duty is subsumed in GST, Excise duty would not be applicate from next qtr but GST applicable.

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Dear friends jhs got a two year contract from a multinational prominent FMCG company to supply oral care products which will commence from October 2017. This will also establish propierty brand .
A very good news. comments are invited from all

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I just go through Annual Report 2017 and I came to know some disclosure under related party transaction, screen shots of the same is attached here. So kindly educate me regarding what kind of this transaction is?

Whether Company has taken or given that INTEREST FREE LOANS?

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ac657514-e8ad-40db-bf67-8dc0cf0a2a1d.pdf (2.8 MB)

Some interesting points regarding future growth in the latest presentation of jhs. Also, it seems a good fraction of business is from Colgate(? Client risk). Patanjali and Dabur both are around 8% each of total sales, so good scope of growth there.

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I think Colgate share is its market share in India and not the JHS client share. I remember Nikhil Nanda saying in an interview that they would not have more than 20% share from same client after P&G debacle.

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Hi All,

Is there a research report on the total market estimated revenue of 10k cr? and is really industry growing at 15-16% ? i am yet to see JHS products in stores. whats the % of market share JHS has now ? and hoping achieve in 3 to 5 years? how do they balance production/manufacturing for clients to their brand with increase in personal brand sales revenue.
Looking forward to hear from you all!


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JHS has listed its toothbrush and paste on Amazon. Cannot tell about number of unit sold from there. Possibly nothing. Just one review for one product from so many product. But if recently listed then we can hope for some sales when Amazon start grocery sales. In household item, this can fit.

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