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@amishra, Yes, in the hind sight, I agree and in future, I plan to have a trailing stop loss of 25-30% for the entries where loss is not yet there. However Intense, Premco, Avanti, Ujjivan - I plan to hold as of now.

I understand as that I have the following P&L weightage by thew following which drags the PF.

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I agree to this @nav_1996 . But for me one learning is that, conviction building should be a slow process and I increase/reduce allocation over the time. I usually cannot gain conviction to add a 5% position. I tried to add minimum of 3% for any new entry and I figured out that is not easy for me either. Hence I have a trailing list where 50-60% of PF is in 10 names, then a reducing tail where I increase/reduce based on conviction getting building up.

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Just an alternative, not deeply thought though. Take it with a pinch of namak.

See you have close to 30 stocks. Make a conviction ranking. Sell the bottom 15 and load on top 15. You will get a solid 15 stock portfolio. Apply TSL on that.