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(Bhupesh) #756

I sent few question to a conpany’ (a 2000Cr+ MCap company from a reputed business house) Investor Relations id 5 weeks back. After 5-6 days I asked them to atleast acknowledge my mail if reply is getting delayed. They did acknowledge the mail after that reminder, but have not come back to me yet.

10 days back I also mailed same set of questions (with minor modifications) to their CFO, no reply from her also.

They do Quarterly earning call, and business channel interviews. Is 5 weeks too early to expect a reply from them.

(Bhambri3) #757

Can someone explain me the difference between term and non term advances ?

(Saravanan B) #758

You email the company secretary.

(saurabh shankar) #759

Term Advances–> They are usually term loans with fixed repayment schedule generally given for tenures more than 1 year
Non-Term Advances–> Usually working capital or short term loans