Interviews of Good Investors posted on Youtube & other platforms

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Use or

In both above u need to copy paste link from main source and select doenload format etc.

Its wonderful and free.

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I have subscribed to few good youtube channels which regularly post investment related videos, here are the URLs

From Basics to Book reviews to interviewing Investors, there is everything on this channel

Bloombers Alpha Moguls playlist , here they interview big Investors

Talks at Google ( I guess there is a mention of this in earlier post) , posting the playlist URL

Then PPFA MFs channel ( already posted by someone in earlier post on this thread) is a good source.

Thank you for starting this thread, it serves as a good source/repository for such videos.

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Wizards of Dalal Street on youtube. These are interviews are on CNBC-TV18 youtube channel & are conducted by Mr Rakesh Damani. Most of them are barely 15 mins long, but pretty interesting. He interviews both biggies from Dalal Street & fund managers. I’ve enjoyed the former more.

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An evening with Prem Watsa (Fireside chat)
Published on Mar 27, 2018

Richard H. Lawrence Jr., Chairman and Executive Director, Overlook Investments
Uploaded on Mar 24, 2015

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Prem Watsa: Creating Fairfax Financial, Long Term Investing and Culture
Published on Apr 19, 2018

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Joel Greenblatt Discusses the Thrill of Investing
20th April 2018

A collection of great interviews. Podcast: Masters in Business by Barry Ritholtz

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Berkshire Hathaway AGM Video Archive
Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger

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A very good collection of various sectors reviewed by CARE Rating:

Once can watch the sector analysis while analyzing companies of interest …

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Guys - this video is gold

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Warren Buffett speaks to UGA students

I guess most of the people here would have already watched this. The part where he narrates the life story of Rose Blumkin starting at 1:07:22 is, for the lack of a better word, epic!

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Principles For Success: “Ray Dalio’s best-selling book Principles is now an animated ultra mini-series adventure.”

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This is not an interview, but Professor Damodaran has tried to decode Walmart-Flipkart Deal which had raised curiosity levels of many as to who the winner is. Good watch…

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Anthony Deden - Edelweiss Holdings

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Traders Carnival 2018 ( Thought there are many other good ones in this series, but following are the ones which I have watched and found very good)

Traders Carnival: Jegan On The What, How, Why Of Options Writing

Traders Carnival: How To Follow Your Strategy With Amit Pathak (Part 1)

Traders Carnival: Vivek Mashrani On How To Blend Technicals And Fundamentals

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Few others which I watched recently

Navigating Through Uncertainty With Kenneth Andrade

Grant Williams in Conversation with Anthony Deden | Full Real Vision Interview

Raunak Onkar discusses the Newspaper Business

If someone is interested to learn about Basics to Advanced level on OPTIONS Trading then following two channels have a lot for you:

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One of the good fund managers, speaking on current mkt conditions ( Rajeev from PPFAS)

For people interested in MACRO factors , nice webinar from CARE

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You can use snaptube to download any youtube video. It is a free software.

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This is a good initiative for learning especially for new people. However if anybody wants to make use of these videos to the fullest- they should develope analysing power.
I will advise to read at least 2 books before watching all of these videos (pepole who have read please ignore) as it will give you power to question and understand these videos better. All these video are “LIVING PROOF OF SURVIVORSHIP BIAS.”,so be cautious and take these also with pinch or bowl of salt😜

  2. Second book was suggested to me by our friend and forum member and its a must read- THE ART OF THINKING CLEARLY BY ROLF DOBELLI.

We should understand that 60 student sitting in one class and taught by a single teacher the same story of Munsi premchand use to interpret differently. Everthing can be interpreted in several ways, so we should understand and discuss all the ways without getting hurt or hurting others. We have been schooled to only criticise aggresive and dominating but too much politness and timidness can be equally detrimental. People who are criticing your stock ideas are really contributing and forcing you to think harder and not one who are giving confirmation bias to you.

We are trying to find a great investment. You should understand it is really difficult task. Any of these videos, does not matter how cogent and convincing it sound, are fraught and filled with assumptions and biases. Learn to attack the argument not argumenter- polite people tend to do this mistake more because aggresive people are not having ways to hide, whereas polite people have several self devised methods. You give me any video or anybody ideas on this forum and I will show you, “how it is flawed.” But, what will be most of common people first response- “What I think of myself?” Dear - Stop and think before attacking me or anybody, “you are diverting the discussion from SUBJECT IN DISCUSSION TO ATTACKING THE PERSON.”

Try to understand the idea put by George Soros in his book Alchemy of finance, maybe you will understand better what I mean to say. Listen to Rakesh Jhunjhunwala in Nagpur in 2014. I think he is the most trustable guy in market but he is very rude and angry young man. Don’t expect any politness from him. But his ideas are worth listening.

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Few recent ones I watched and found worth sharing

Thematic Research on Pollution & Actionable Investment Ideas

Creating The Right Mindset For Trading

A quick look at Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s) by PPFAS

A brief intro on how high frequency trading works