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OAG’s list of the 20 busiest domestic flight routes also had the Bengaluru-New Delhi flight path, this one in the 11th position.

Another Indian name to make it to the OAG’s ranking was IndiGo. The airline was ranked fourth on the research firm’s list of ‘mega airlines’ sorted by their on-time performance.

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Does anyone have any news on whether Indigo is goinv for GE made LEAP 1A eninge in place of troubled P&W one for NEO?

LEAP 1A is reliable Air India and Vistar is operating on it.

Fuel efficient engine and fuel hedge/atf import is answer to raising ATF.Average Q3 ATF price indigo reported was Rs 56/L it is now trading at around avg Rs 65/L as per IOC starting from Feb.

Not invested but waitinb for better entry.Really interested by traffic growth and supply constraint.

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They will not opt for leap engines. They have very good contracts with PW and if you look back all the new aircraft’s and new engines initially have problems and it takes good time to solve them.

As far as people those who are thinking that Leap engines don’t have any problem is because there are not many leap engines being used and not flying as much as Neos.

Indigo didn’t have much problems for first 12-15 months apart from engines taking time to start. After a while all such problems come up and then manufacturers have to modify parts accrodingly.

So we will have to wait and see for leap engines, if they really have any problems or not.

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Looks like flights on the major routes are cancelled including Delhi.

Will this benefit other carriers like Spicejet and Jet Airways? Not sure, if they can plan additional flights on these routes.

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No other airline has aircraft’s to add additional capacity and all of them are flying their aircraft’s to max limit in a day.