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God forbid, but what is the risk for Indigo if one of the Neos with P&W engine crashes? Indigo seems to be neglecting this issue for too long but it has a potential to bite them hard. Can’t they strong muscle Airbus to replace the P&W Fleet with other engines sooner than later?

(Bhaskar Jain) #268

All are twin engine planes. So chances of crash with one engine failure is not there. Assumption is both engines dont go “bad” at the same time. Agreed they are running with the risk instead of grounding them.

(vpbalu) #269

Yes, they are twin engines planes and that is what is saving them so far. I am talking about a terrible scenario of two engines failing at the same time. Though the probability is very less, it is still a probable event (though very bad for the passengers who are travelling). Imagine the backlash an incident of this sort can create. It will throw a hammer into Indigo’s long term prospects with a short term impact on Indian aviation too. Indigo management does not seem to be too worried about this and same with DGCA (other than ‘rushing’ investigation teams when ever an engine failure happens with no follow up action).

(vpbalu) #270

Remember that in Twin engine planes, as you said, the assumption is two engines don’t go ‘bad’ at the same time, but this applies to only two ‘Good’ engines, not for two bad engines whose credibility is under question with proven random failures with no clue about the root cause.

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(Growth_without Debt) #271

DGCA bars IndiGo, GoAir from flying A320 Neos with PW engines to Port Blair or long overseas routes
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(dvdinesh) #272

This is a good move and forces Airlines to take safety seriously. We don’t want a double engine failure scenario at any cost even if probability is low!

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Actually from what I have read even if both the engines fail the plane can glide for 20-25 minutes and land safely. The movie Sully is based on a real life incident that had both its engines down yet managed to land safely. Obviously nobody wants that scenario but my point is there is a lot of safety built into aircrafts and we should not be discussing the most extreme event for every incident.

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(Bhaskar Jain) #275

The captain Sullenberger was a very expereinced pilot, and he landed on water. I don’t think even he could do it again. Moreover that incident was called a miracle. These are remote possibilities but nevertheless possibilities. You cannot eliminate human errors, you can certainly avoid these. Indigo should stop using these engines. You could provide low cost, you could be on time but lives are more important.

(Chandragupta) #277

The market has so far largely ignored these P&W engine issues as some temporary hitch, but it seems to me it will have to start taking notice now. These issues have gone for too long, and they would have got fixed by now if P&W had a handle on them. And that there are multiple issues not one makes them more complex to resolve. If something fundamental at the design level is not sound, fixing one issue resolves it but creates a new one.

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Another instance of P&W Indigo flight grounded.

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Non-stop Indigo flights from Delhi to Istanbul starting 20 March 2019

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Unaudited Financial results (Q3) :

Earnings Presentation:

Conference call recording:

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