Intellect Design Arena PICK for 2015

(Madhavan) #81

Interesting. Ceo maintains revenue target of 1000 crores for this FY. First 2 qtr. Revenue put together is less than 300 crores. So he expects to make twice in the next 2 qtrs.

(Whipsaw) #82

On the shareholding pattern, looks like a increase of 0.37% (395,534 shares) in promoters holding. At the same time, total shares have also increased by 257,548 shares.

POLARIS BANYAN HOLDING PRIVATE LIMITED has increased its holding by 395,534 shares. from Apr to Jun 2016.

Quarter ending :June 2016
Quarter ending :March 2016

How come total shares have increased? Did IDA go for any additional funds?

(valuebuyer) #83

Highlights of Analyst Meet held

  • Only around 20% of current product portfolio in monetization stage while rest being in the incubation and adoption stage.

  • Management presented a visionary target to achieve 60% gross margin (vs 52% in FY16) and 26% operating margin in FY20E (vs -3% in FY16)

  • Management Vision

HDFC_Intellect.pdf (362.8 KB)

(MHS) #84

Latest investor presentation - Info about industry landscape - Analyst meet update -2nd Sep 2016

(bibhu ashish panda) #85

All the vision and roadmaps are well in place. As the report from HDFC says "Well poised, execution the key! "

Disc- Invested and bought some more in the recent fall

(parthibansubramanian) #86

Edelweiss sees some issues and has reduced the target to 230. Just an Information.

(Whipsaw) #87

Recent interview of Arun Jain -

(Somenath Paul) #88

Q2 Results:

(LG-D) #89

Revenue growth guidance for 2016 was trimmed to 16-22 percent from 22-26 percent.

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Pranav Pasricha intellect Design Arena on how insurance tech in India can get better.

(Rahul Deshmukh) #92

Intellect Design Arena was earlier a part of Polaris
Consulting. It became a separate company in BFSI space in 2016. The company provides digital services
through financial technology domain to banking and insurance companies. The company is seen benefiting
from the move towards a digital economy.

(Gary) #93

Hi, @bibhuashish - Do you have details of what “issues” edelweiss is talking about?

(Rahul Deshmukh) #94

Hi gary,

Edelweiss raised concertns in JAN 2016, not recently,

and rakesh jununwala also invested in same stock.

HDFC report:


I have heard consistently negative reviews about work quality and employee satisfaction @ Intellect. This is a serious thing for a product based software company. (Check out glassdoor reviews too)

This is just one more datapoint we have to keep in mind.

(n.arvind2k) #96

Many such reviews are available for other Indian and Foreign MNC companies. I will evaluate the company on the basis of how their Product revenues improves in BFSI space. With company moving towards Digital economy their e-wallet will be in demand. I expect more customers to come for the Intellect Brand.

Disc: Have a tracking quantity of the company. Planning to add more in correction.

(Kumar Saurabh) #97

Check sun pharma employee rating on glass door.i too raised this issue but when I analyzed employee feedback of multiple companies, I could not find a strong correlation between employee social media feedback and company performance from an investor perspsctive

(Manish) #98

Bad news keep pouring on for IDA

Intellect Design #ETNOW
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala sells 10 lakh shares at 120.35/sh Rekha Jhunjhunwala sells 32.3 lakh shares at120.44/sh

Guys what do you foresee for the company now
As the initial sentiment will be Bad …:
Is it Buy on Dips or just Book out Loss/Profit

(parthibansubramanian) #100

the company has been under performing for a long time… i dont see the management is effective for a turn around.

(krrish seth) #101

Thanks Manish. RJ is exiting from IDA new unvestor there in lower levels.