Infosys Limited - Are we getting a discount or no?


I have received Infosys bonus shares in ICICIDirect without any issues. Had bought them one year ago in Sep 2017.

(GSApte) #123

@vasuadiga: Thanks.

The problem is due to buy back shares. It seems that, they are still showing BUY BACK shares, which I surrendered long back, and that may have caused some confusion in my understanding. They are looking into it.

(Srinivasa Reddy Chamala) #124

The same is true in my case. ICICIDIRECT is still showing the Infy shares that were sold in buyback. Seems to be a technical issue. Hope they will resolve it now…

(GSApte) #125

@chamala123 : I checked with ICICI Direct. This is corporate action (BUY BACK), which you need to manually update in Portfolio-Equity-Advanced Options-Manual Page.
Once you update it manually, the no. of shares match with Demat account balance.
(Buyback shares are auto-debited from Demat but not from Portfolio page).
Hope this helps.