Indian pharma: Industry perspective

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4 largest buyers account for almost 90% of all purchases of generic drugs in America.

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The below investor presentation, from Lupin, gives a decent overview about about India pharma.


India’s drug exports continue to fall in July 2017. Imports decline by 11.6%

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Investors are worried about US drug prices coming down in the USA for a long time. However, this is not new in the USA. The story played out similarly in 1990.

Read page 3 to 5.

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Do we have any thread for Naxpar/Parnax Lab ?

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Today Lupin Discovery R&D in Pune lay offed its staff (~90 Scientist)

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I feel if this policy is implemented, it would affect the Indian pharma sector very very adversely. Would encourage NPAA to go for more price controls since they would have all the data ?? How will companies even account for all the past R&D expenditures in the factory costs ?? Will impact innovation and we would be back to socialism era of price controls and inspector raj …

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Two important development for US Pharma market:

  1. Drug stocks drop after report that Amazon has obtained pharmacy licenses
  2. What CVS’ acquisition of Aetna could mean for shoppers, patients

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In an interview given by Rakesh Junjunwala during Diwali, he talked about Amazon obtaining a pharmacy license and he considered it as a positive for the pharma industry.

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This could be a welcome relief to pharma if it happens

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As per this link. The top 10 Pharma companies have 40% market share and top 15 have 50% market share. Also the writer expects consolidation in the Pharma space going forward. So there can be two scenarios

  1. This top 10 will maintain / increase their market share. (Bad for Indian pharma). Note some of these top ten players are listed in India. Pfizer, Merck, GSK and Sanofi.

2.Indian companies will increase their market share at cost of these 10 companies or others. If this happens Indian pharma companies will be big gainers.

Disc - Invested in Divis as no FDA issues (point 2) and Pfizer as per point 1

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Hi Guys, could you please let me know few Indian companies which are not dependent on Generics and are doing their own R&D for new medicines. I know a few subsidiaries of International companies like Pfizer, Merck etc might be getting benefit of research by their parent company. Are their any Indian players in this field ?

Disc : Dnt have indepth knowledge on Pharma and have taken basket approach for investing here. Trying to learn
more about this field.