How to read an entire thread

(Punit) #1

Dear Administrator

Is there a way to read/view the entire thread on a single page instead of navigating through every page? Some threads are more than 20 pages and its cumbersome to click on every page.

Thanks in advance.




I tried to see if Plone board allows us to increase the number of posts per page but it didn’t. Also you can’t see all posts of a thread in a page.

What you can do is use the “Print this” link at the bottom of the thread page to get a PDF file for your reading pleasure. You get the whole posts in a thread in a single pdf. I do this all the time to read threads of my interest and important at leisure and at office.

(Sunil) #3

As of now you cannot view entire thread on single page but I can tell you clicking on pages to gain knowledge here is more worth than the cumbersome of clicking on every page.

Also if all the posts are put on single page it will take longer time to load entire page.

(Punit) #4

Thanks Ashwin. I like the workaround.

(Pawan) #5

When I tried “print this” it saves pdf for single page. Am I missing something.



(spartan) #6

i also tried print option

it only prints the page displayed

whats is wrong?

(Aksh) #7

Hi Ashwin, Punit,

It seems print option now prints only the displayed page.

Could you please try print option and verify if it works as before…i.e. does it print entire thread or only the displayed page?



I use Mac OS X and it works for me. “Print this” will give all the post and I may save it as PDF file. Tried it yet again and works like a charm. Not sure how it would work on Windows/Linux.

(Punit) #9

I use Mac OS as well but it doesnt work for me for sure. Looks like I was too quick last time to respond without checking the workaround.

(Aksh) #10

Thanks Ashwin, Punit. Appreciate it.