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@bharat19, I dont track apcotex too closely.

@shyamutty I dont track karnataka bank. I have put up my views on equitas earlier while I had decided to invest in equitas. Post that due to the headwinds I saw in the sector I had booked out of the company but it remains in my radar.

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@hitesh2710 Hiteshji, As Sarthak posted, thank you for being generous in sharing your experience and guidance to novices and others in this forum.

You and many other VP veterans used to track seed companies. I was looking at Kaveri Seeds, Nath Bio-genes and JK Agri Genetics. Out of them while going through recent ARs I think Nath Bio-genes going through some changes in positive direction as R&D efforts are bearing fruit and they are revamping marketing. AR commentary looks positive. I can see it sells to historical PB and cheaper compared other two after the recent correction.

But the thread on it in VP do not have any recent attention, left abandoned for 4 years and that may be indicative of red flags. My notes from AR updated on the thread, but I could not get any comments, positive or negative. Historically this company was considered as low management quality one as it took almost 10 years relist.

Since my experience in markets are very limited, what’s your view on this company and especially the management quality ? This is part of my exercise to review my holdings based MQ and your views would be greatly appreciated.

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I dont track Nath Biogenes specifically so not much idea about it as a business or its management quality.

If you are following it closely then you need to go through management communication since past few years be it through annual reports, presentations or concalls, tv interviews etc and then take a call on MQ.

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Dear Hitesh Ji,

  1. How safe is a fixed deposit in the small finance banks compared to a Public or Private sector banks. I am asking for amounts around 10 lacs since uptil one lac is insured by RBI.

  2. I seem to be addicted to checking stock prices (of companies I am holding or interested in) atleast twice a day! Since you are a doctor as well, could you suggest how I could try to overcome this addiction :slight_smile:


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Regarding safety of fixed deposits with small finance banks I dont have much idea. But the difference between fixed deposits in good quality private banks and the SFB should not amount to more than 1% or so. In such a scenario why should one take any kind of risk with SFB. There is another interesting instrument Indigrid Invit which quotes at around 90 or so and gives out Rs 12 as payout which amounts to a more than 13% yield. Promoted by Sterlite group it seems to be a steady company. And there is good liquidity also in the instrument.

About checking stock prices 2-3 times a day there is nothing unusual about that. The cliched answer is to look at business performance of the company and not focus on quotes but in these volatile times some times one gets the urge to check the quotes. Regarding my being a doctor I am a dermatologist and not a psychiatrist. I can treat the itch but not the urge.:slight_smile:

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Hahaha… I liked the last part… Of itch vs urge. Nice sense of humor sir.

Coming to constantly checking stock price is indeed an addiction. I had it too. I follow a TSL method which I update every Friday once a week which has somewhat enabled me to control my urge.

However to be honest, when price rises, it doesnot impact much, but during corrections, I agree its difficult to control the urge to check prices every 2 hours. This is so because same quantum of loss is way more painful than same quantum of profit. Fear is the most powerful emotion. Practise, patience and reading may alleviate the issue.

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If possible, would request you to kindly post some detailed information regarding Indigrid Invit. Does it have a fixed return. How safe is it ? It seems to have been trading around 97 some time back. Now it seems to be trading around 90. Any reason for the same ??

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Hi Hitesh sir, I have started doing a SIP (starting sep) on some of the names like Asian paints, HDFC twins, Pidilite to name a few. The idea is to have some robust companies in the portfolio that can withstand any kind of market conditions, Being a newbie wanted to know your point of view in my approach,

Your feedback will be of a great booster for me.

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Can we have a chart depicting ROCE VS ROCE over a period of time thereby showing the value creation

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They have pledged 100% of promoter shareholding to JP Morgan and other bankers. Pathetic corp governance again by the group. To get Vedanta delisted they needed big money and pledged STECH promoter shareholding.

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Can you elaborate on the “again”?

I am evalutating Indigrid InvIT, see this thread Indigrid InvIT: High yield on stable and predictable revenues. This infrastructure investment trust is managed by Sterlite Power Transmission Limited, a 100% subsidiary of sterlite technologies. So any governance issues with the Sterlite group are a red flag for me.

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For “again” Google anil Agarwal corporate governance Vedanta sterlite. Have no idea on this InVit thing

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The names you have selected are some of the best companies. So it seems they are good candidates for SIP kind of buying. One needs to keep discipline to keep buying consistently inspite of price swings. There are some investors who cant buy when prices go down too much and others who cant buy when prices go up too much. For SIP kind of investing disciplined buying with a long term horizon is important.

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Everything written on google or whatsapp groups is not the gospel truth. I have been following Indigrid Invit since some time and it seems they are delivering on what they have promised. I havent had the courage to buy into it but find the instrument very interesting atleast for parking funds temporarily. Payouts happen every quarter and one can buy and sell easily (barring the issue of lot size).

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Thanks @hitesh2710 for your response, I really appreciate and value your reply.
The idea has you have rightly mentioned is to do SIP irrespective of any fluctuation in any adverse condition.
Hopefully I continue my discipline approach (just 2 months old in SIP long way to go)
Once again thanks.

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Ha ha ! Thats really witty @hitesh2710 bhai ! Would love to have your views on Take Solutions and Suven Life Sciences. Pls do share if either of those are on your radar. Thanks !

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Very well said.
Given the recent carnage in the nbfc sector the margin of safety of these stocks have increased tremendously. Even if credit becomes costlier the margins might be hit by say 200-300 bps. But given that most of the loan of hfcs are in form housing finance chances of these being defaulted is very low. It is not as if dhfl or indiabulls will suddenly wind up business or default on their loans. Even if net profits going forward fall by 20% do you think current valuations are cheap. I know the stocks can fall further which in fact will make them more attractive.
Keeping these in mind do you think that one can buy these stocks(not now maybe after the market stabilises).
Actually I tried to draw an analogy of when Buffett bought American express after the fraud.
Sir @hitesh2710 what are your views on the same.


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I used to track and own take solutions but it was always a techno funda bet. Fundamentally I was never fully convinced about its long term.potential. A lot of things did not add up and somehow I didn’t get enough confidence.

About Suven I havent tracked it for a while but the company has to be valued only on CRAMS business. The NCE business is just an optionality.

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I think a major part of price wise correction may be done. But time.wise correction may be pending.

We should not look at things being attractive because they have corrected 40% or 60% or x % from top.

Having said that it seems a lot of nbfc have been punished severely and in some instances things might have been overdone. But if i see price movements in some of these the falls have not been arrested.

I think one doesn’t need to be too hasty in getting into these beaten down names. Its not as if these stocks are going to turn around and run up all of a sudden. After a lot of beating the usual pattern is to consolidate in a range and then gather momentum for an upmove.

Still if one wants to buy staggered buying seems a good approach.