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Yes, it is. Go through this thread LTCG @ 10% Budget 2018 FY19 as it has plenty of questions and answers.

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Hiteshbhai kindly Pl give your views on GNFC LTD in wake of rising crude prices and there neem project debt free status

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Not much idea about gnfc.

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Are you still invested in PTC? Any opinions on the continuous fall in PTC? Charts do not look good.
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hi @hitesh2710 .
my observation is that, when the going is good, quality stocks will trade at a much higher valuation than they deserve. but every company (even the secular growers) correct at least 10-15% if not more from the all time top. so would it be a good checklist to add? ( ie dont buy any company at the top). i am not saying one should buy at 52 week low ( because that means something wrong). but never rush to buy at all time high. is there any flaw in this theory? (of course its easy to say dont worry about 10-15% for long term. but a better entry point will make us comfortable)
wanted to hear your views since you know technical analysis well.

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What a Wisdom, you shared at the right time. As howard marks says… If it does not happen now, it may happen soon or little late.

But writing on wall are must to read

Salute Sirji.

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Hitesbhai (@hitesh2710), This was really prophetic.

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Hiteshbhai, your view on nath bio genes

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Your musings on “feeling slightly uncomfortable about the markets” proved to be prophetical and small/mid cap corrections started I think next day and continued until yesterday. Hope things changing for good from today!

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We have had a nerve wracking couple of weeks where a lot of froth has been taken out of the small and midcap space. Many small mid caps have gone down 20-40% from their peaks and some even more. Usually whenever builds up there tends to be severe corrections sooner or later. Reasons can be varied.

Now it seems after yesterday’s divergence in markets where large caps corrected and small and midcaps showed some stability, things could start improving in the markets.

Whether this is the end of the correction or only a pull back rally needs to be seen. The bull in me now seems to be less scared and ready to buy albeit in a staggered manner.:grinning:

One thing I realised in this correction was that its very handy to keep a buy list ready with possible buy levels. This helps to take out the paralysis induced by severe market swings and induces calm behaviour even when markets are volatile. Best thing is to prepare a list esp of companies with consistent predictable earnings and then put in levels on where to buy these companies. Markets do usually oblige if such preparations are done in advance and orders are placed accordingly.

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Sir what is your take on pi industries nos? It would really helpful

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Hitesh Sir,
I really appreciate your valuable insights and feedback for investor community.
I was analyzing global chemical prices and would like to know are there any players in India who are producing Vitamin A, Vitamin E. Globally there is major supply disruption in these commodities.
Thank you.

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Hitesh Bhai,

Request to share your view on Max India, Is worst over for this company.


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Dear Hiteshji,
Most sugar stocks are languishing at single digit PE. Is it the right time to pick some fundamentally strong high Market Cap companies. Cyclical stocks , but can we start adding at small intervals.


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Q3 results of some of the companies like GMDC, KEC imternations, Sharda motors etc have been good.could you name some of them which results you liked keeping in view your assessment of the promotors of these companies?Your opinion is very valuable as my own study of those results in those companies will get some confirmation.
thanks in advance

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I dont follow the fundamentals of sugar sector too closely but looking at charts it seems a short term bounce may be on the cards.

Regarding PE being low, the ideal thing to do in cyclicals is to buy when PE is high and sell when its low.

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A lot of companies have come out with decent results for q3 fy 18. I track and like and own GMDC based on valuations.

Some others which have delivered good results and which seem interesting are mirza international, khadim, bajaj finance, piramal, pnb housing etc.

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Hi Hitesh,

Very newbie question: why buy cyclicals when PE is high and sell when its low. Seems counter-intuitive?


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Cyclicals often suffer losses at bottom of cycle for a couple of quarters or sometimes for more quarters. This invites some companies in the sector to fold up and shut operations. Supply side of the equation in cyclical commodity starts shrinking esp when sector is in maximum pain. A company with 1 -2-3 quarters of losses will have high PE and thats the ideal time to buy.

When cycle is good most companies operate at peak margins and have very high earnings and hence low PEs. Thats the time of maximum optimism and often time to sell.

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Thanks Hitesh!

I understand it better now. :slight_smile: