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Dear @hitesh2710,

Could you please share your views on Glenmark.


(Hitesh Patel) #2503


I dont track glenmark so no idea about it. In fact I have stopped tracking the whole pharma sector as I see the sector facing a lot of regulatory headwinds. One might be lured into looking into the space and trying to find undervaluation, but I have always found it fruitful to look at companies that are outperformers. With stocks going down you dont know how low these can go and ultimately your confidence is shaken at precisely at the wrong time.

I would prefer to look at pharma stocks once I see some strength returning to the sector.

(RPA1700) #2504

Sir I think it is better to start a SIP for pharma sector

(Mehul Shah) #2505

Hi Hitesh

By any chance are you tracking aviation stocks. I have been tracking Spicejet for a year now and having small tracking position. It is an interesting story post Ajay Singh take over. Operations improved a lot. And Ajaysingh is coming up with new ideas which may be helping the airline. Though history data is not good but future projection looks promising.
It would be great to hear your views.


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Hiteshji, what are your views on advanced enzyme?

(Hitesh Patel) #2507

@mehul75, I dont track any aviation stocks.

@jstocks, I havent looked at advanced enzymes. Would look at it as I have been getting some feedback from fellow investors.

(sta) #2508

Sir what are your views on shilpa medicare. Are you still holding.

(jstocks) #2509

Hi Hiteshji, your views on sintex industries? And also pgil?

(Hitesh Patel) #2510

@sta, Shilpa medicare remains one of the better plays in the pharma space. I dont hold it anymore.

@jstocks, sintex inds (non plastic part after demerger I think) essentially remains a textile play. Technically textile as a sector seems to be coming out of its long consolidation. But I would prefer companies like KPR Mills, Kitex, Ambika Cotton etc in the space. Recently bought Kitex as a trading bet which I would review after some time. On daily charts it has broken out of a flag pattern if one looks at the line charts.

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Hiteshji what about pgil?

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In case of PGIL, consistency of earnings is missing.Markets dont pay up too much for companies with lumpy earnings. Optically it may appear cheap currently but I have always felt it better to buy better quality companies with a good past track record and pay more for those companies than go with companies with lumpy earnings.

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Hitesh bhai, any thoughts on aym sintex?

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@hitesh2710 Hiteshji, With government push towards infrastructure, civil construction there is a lot of talk on this space doing well over the next few years. Generally I have kept away from this sector. But looking at a basket approach now… is there anything you find good or have been tracking with ethical management and strong balance sheet?

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Regarding your query, I think he has already said that he has invested in KCP

(Hitesh Patel) #2516


I had a look at aym syntex after being prodded by a couple of friends who were bullish on it. But having listened to the concall at that time, I felt his was a business where he had to constantly keep running on a treadmill just to be in business and stay relevant. I think it hasnt made much headway even now but at some price point when all negatives are factored in, it could be interesting to look at just as a value pick. Never have tracked it after that concall.

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Relying on govt policies to find out good companies is often risky. There is definitely a push in infra sector but a cursory look at the sector provides only a few options to look at. A lot of companies are there which have gone up because of the froth in the sector. Companies like L&T, KNR etc might be worth a look but I havent looked too closely.

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Hiteshji, are you still invested in renuka sugar?

(Hitesh Patel) #2519

In renuka I was stopped out when stock price went below 16. In these kind of companies its always better to keep a stop loss of 8-10% below purchase price so as not to get into larger losses.

(rkothuri) #2520

Hi @hitesh2710

Thank you very much for helping us on learning about investing.

I have started investing two years back and holding Emmbi Industries and Skipper as two of the top five holdings. Can you please share your views on these companies if you are tracking them?

Other three being Canfin, Ujjivan and Sharda crop. I have read about your views on Sharda in this thread and Ujjivan/Canfin are tracked very closely in their respective threads. I am following them and will ask my questions if I have any in those threads.

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Hiteshji, appreciate your views on holding companies like VHL and HB Stockholdings Ltd? Thanks