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Big opportunity cost, stock has been at same levels now for quite some time now, specially in a bull market. I too think that it will be prudent to exit or substantially reduce allocation to Manappuram.

Thanks for your reply and guidance in making the right decision.

Cheers to weath creation.

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Do you hold or track Bosch? It used to be a consistent outperformer. But for last couple of quarters the results are underwhelming. Is the underperformance structural or cyclical?

Disc. Invested since 2011, will plan to add more if the story is intact as per your opinion and if the price is oppurtunate.

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Views invited on Hindustan Copper at current price for a period of 1 year.

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The standout commodity this week is aluminum while everyone else remains mixed. The shift of favorable risk sentiment will likely remain as a supporting point going forward though sentiment still takes a back seat to Chinese-specific demand. So far, aluminum, as priced on the LME, is up 25 per cent this year, leading copper as the next best performer at 23 per cent.

Aluminium was broadly supported on the view that as demand in China will keep producers happy while raw materials costs are rising and will lead to cost pressures. In addition to rising cost pressure, China is expected to keep constraints in play to reduce and ideally eliminate the illegal excess capacity while consumption in China is expected to rise.

Copper is a long term play where demand would be huge and if supply concerns come in then it will be a force multiplier. Copper ore grade world over is low and hence more resources and mining need to happen to bring out every tonne of copper. The cost of mining copper will go up. Also, Electricity cost will go up as miners are establishing their own solar based power supply. The value dipped dramatically in 2009 during the recession to approximately $1.50 per pound. But the price rebounded by 2012 to an all-time high of approximately $4.50 per pound.

imho Copper should trade above $4 per pound due to low grade concerns and cost going up. EV will consume 50% of all copper supply at present.

Disc: Invested in Hind Copper. Looking to add more at favourable price points.

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Hello @hitesh2710 Bhai, do you have an opinion on Zydus Wellness? Their brand Sugar Free has 94% market share in Artificial Sweetener Indian market, but their revenues haven’t been growing for the past 3 years. Since India is sadly becoming the diabetic capital of the world and also because of the increasing awareness of harmful effects of sugar, is there a possibility that the artificial sweetener market may grow rapidly in the future? Your views on this would be highly appreciated.

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Want to find the share of OTC in Glenmark revenue and profits. I see that Vwash is a best seller in its segment and have been noticing TV ads for antidandruff shampoo scalpe+ recently. Also want to understand the economics of OTC vs prescription business. Would be grateful if you could point out some sources.


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@vijaydosapati, Zydus Wellness has a dominant presence in the artificial sugar sweetener “sugarfree” category. And no of diabetics keep on increasing every year. But we need to figure out how many newly added diabetics embrace the sugarfree product. Its a bet on the expansion of artificial sweetener market expansion. For me it has always been a stalwart kind of stock with limited downside and returns slightly higher than fixed income instruments.

@sarthakkumar19_, I think the share of OTC in the format you need might be found in the annual report or else you can drop a mail to the management or ask a question in the concall post results. But according to my guess it might not amount to much in terms of overall revenues and profits. OTC products remain highly profitable as the market spends are limited only to advertisements whereas prescription market is crowded with lots of companies vying for the pie.

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I dont hold or track Bosch. But I hear a lot of opinions about it being a possible benficiary of electric vehicles.

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https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/markets/expert-view/vivek-mahajan-of-aditya-birla-money-on-2-sectors-to-exit-in-2018/articleshow/62021124.cms , i do believe Bosch will benefit and be well prepared for changes in their line of businesses , but this article seems to contradict this .The last 2 lines of the article especially.

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this is a bit off topic. hope it’s ok.

i am a big fan of your crisp and concise communication. you have been more than generous in sharing your investment advice on this forum for which we all are grateful.

but any tips on how we can write like you do? what kind of books you read while growing up? :slight_smile:

kind regards,

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Thank you for the response Hitesh Bhai! Will give try to get data for people who have started consuming artificial sweeteners (diabetic and non diabetic) and share it with you.


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Interesting query you have raised.:grinning:

I have always been voracious in reading various books during my formative years mainly fiction. It all began with books of enid blyton, hardy boys and those kind of books. Then came a phase of reading classics like Far from the Madding Crowd, Jane Austen, Ayn Rand’s books (heavy stuff), etc.

During college along with medical books I was into thrillers by Ludlum, Desmond Bagley, Agatha Christie, Dick Francis, Sidney Sheldon, Arthur Hailey and so on. But the most joyful to read has been P G Wodehouse. Beautiful English and loads of laughter. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in humourous literature.

Lately after entering into the investing field have read a lot of investment books but fiction still continues unabated. You took me on a nostalgic trip.:grinning:

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that explains :slight_smile: !

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Dear @hitesh2710 Hiteshji,

Thank you for very useful views through this thread.

What are the good listed companies worth investigating in this space in your view ?

(Hitesh Patel) #2496


I think I mentioned these companies earlier viz. jm financials, iifl holdings, edelweiss, motilal oswal. These have been growing quite consistently in past 4-5 years and I think they can have decent growth in next few years as well.

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Thank you @hitesh2710 sir for replying to a question which must have already answered. I must have missed it.

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Dear @hitesh2710,

Could you please share your views on Glenmark. I have tried to analyse it and am not able to see anything wrong with the company. But not getting the confidence to take the plunge.

Would you see the increasing debt as a major red flag.


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Also your thoughts on how the management has behaved in the past

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Are you holding KCP?

(Hitesh Patel) #2501

Yes holding since a long time. I had posted before also that based on the then price we were only paying for the cement business and other businesses were available for free. It was basically bought as an undervalued play.