Himalya International - A Turn around Story?

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I would suggest if we can change Himalaya International Thread title from words" Similar to Tasty bites and ADF Foods" with something which suggest about the company business. I think it is better to differentiate hype from hope. Like individual, every company has its own personality and by attempting to fit into mould something else, it would be loose its own character.

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Yes Dhiraj. This is one company, which has had it’s share of problems. Over
the years many things have gone wrong. I don’t think this company is in any
way comparable to Tasty Bites. I have tracked this company for almost a

Had added this in single digits purely as a punt, purely based on
expectation of a favorable result in Simplot case. Did work out and I
exited at avg 35.

Just want to say, be very wary of the tall claims. Lot of these claims,
company has done in past. Selling at Reliance Fresh, More, etc.

-Jiten Parmar

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You have said you have been tracking the company for almost a decade, could you please share your findings.

I may be biased, after seeing the today’s V-Guard results, there is still Demonetisation/GST effect on the Business generally.

Only after May 2017 the company is able to open the locked units in Gujarat. Not sure how fast they can utilise the production line.

I will still look at another two quarters.

Disc- Invested

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Company has gone thru CDR, the botched JV with Simplot, number of attempts to sell through retail plays, management de-classification (Kakkar) and so on.

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Yes this was higlighted in the earlier old posts.

Market is discounting the above facts, need to see how this will evolve in coming quarters.

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The company’s AGM notice is out on BSE website but neither company website nor BSE ‘announcement’ section has PDF of annual report.
Does any body have any idea how to obtain AR 2017? Or if they have it, please share the link / PDF.
Thank you

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Annual Report is out now


  • I went through the Annual Report and I am really disappointed with the fact that the interest paid on term loans is still as high as 11.5% . Isn’t there a way out to reduce interest burden promoter’s should think.

Otherwise how the hell are they going to turn profitable?

  • There is no mention about the demerger in whole report surprisingly. Not sure what is the update on this.
  • There was 10% write off on 24.3 crore claims from US Insurer.


  • Only thing which is looking hopeful is the franchise play, but still we don’t have any numbers who have opted for this franchise.

New site on Franchise model


If anyone is attending AGM, can you please discuss above points with Management

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I have been tracking this Bhangaar Cap stock since 2008. Biggest problem with this company is its promoters, I could not find their annual reports from 2007-08, otherwise you could have seen the real face of its arrogant promoter!
Anyway I also tracked their third class products for few years (2014-2016) when I was in the US. Not a surprise that I never saw anyone buying the so called “Himalya fresh” junk!
So don’t have any hope from this junk, it hasn’t turned around in 10 years of my tracking and it never will.
No holdings in Himalya International and no plans to buy in the future.

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Ramdev mentioned that patanjali is entering the dairy segment.

I remember Himalya mentioned in the past that they are in talks with Patanjali for contract maunfacturing of icecream. Does anybody have any update on the same?

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Actually i lost my confidence after that announcement.My thinking is that no company would announce that kind of news when the share price is low.

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I think thats a trap.

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https://youtu.be/hn2UWLG75wk video link of latest agm held on 29th sep 2017

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Thanks… Himalya run up 45% in last three days…
May be Indore Entry is talk of the town…
Please let me know if anyone has any updates on Indore Market Camps which were supposed to be held last week

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This is my review of Himalya International Products after I tried them first hand. Hope it helps all fellows. Had connected with the marketing team and they put me in touch with Delhi whole-seller. The gentleman disclosed that they have started to stock the products in Modern Bazaar, an upmarket natural cum organic store. Went to the Saket Mall, New Delhi Outlet and the products were available in the frozen section.

It was stocked against the biggest player in the market - MCain. They were a new arrival and the sales boy told me that they hit the shelf only two to three weeks ago.

A 450grms pack of Himalya and McCain french fries cost 90 and 95 INR respectively. I’d say this is not a good enough difference as McCain enjoys patronage among customers being a market leader in western markets.

McCain in my humble opinion had a better packaging and presentation though Himalya is not far behind. The baking instructions on McCain were accurate and fries got cooked in line with instructions. Himalaya Fries required some improvisation and I was not satisfied with the instructions provided. I assume frying is a better representation of the customer preference, and there, the product should fair neck to neck with McCain. Both fires were similar in aesthetics but Mccain came out crispier but I will attribute it to the precision of instructions according to the product and only in relation to baking.

However, where Himalya has a clear edge is diversity. I also bought a pack of mix veg Mix Vegetable Nuggets (Price 135 for 400 grms; Pack of 24). There was a veg Manchurian ball pack and some other ready to eat/semi cooked items as well. They will find resonance with late nighters, single occupants and students who look for quick bites and sumptuous options. I have lived in hostels and students jump on these options because they do not have adequate apparatus to cook. Same is true for those living in PGs and rented accommodations. French fries are a regular snack and will sell everywhere albeit they beat the competition. However, in the best of my opinion, they (all products) need to be stocked in local stores and 24X7s as well. The Vegetable nuggets are very tasty and I have heard that other products too have gained acceptance.

One concern is that the sodium level in many of the products is very high. I discovered this because after eating the nuggets my energy levels shot up. I checked the nutrition facts and found my observation to be correct for much of the product range (for reference, I do not have any blood sugar or pressure issues). This is not a major challenge but might just keep a segment of customer away, though that may not happen initially.

The products are good and with changing lifestyle are bound to become popular. The market of frozen semi cooked products it a nascent stage but growing due to changing living patterns, nuclear families, etc.

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Good write up himanshu… Useful

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Sept Qtr results are out. Company posted a net loss of Rs. 4.64 Cr. This is mainly due to unprecedented floods in the Gujarat Plant in July - August this year and GST effect as well.

Man Mohan Malik, Chairman of the company has to say -

There is a loss of Rs. 375 lacb of Mushrooms Raw & ln-process materials as assessed by the Surveyor of the lnsurance Company. Besides this the production cycle has been effected. The sale of canned mushroom stock also remained slow due to GST adjustments in the markets.

We have decided to sell 34 Acres of Agriculture land at NH8 near Delhi. The
cash raised shall be plowed back into working to put all units into operation.
Mandate has been given to Mumbai based Real Estate Company to explore the best price.

We also have proposed to raise some funds to mitigate the immediate cash
crunch due to floods by preferential allotment of 3 million warrants to
Promoters and other investors at Rs. 30 each.

During the labt quirter, we signed agreernents with two companies; One for
Canada Reiail Chains for frozen appetizers and another for US chairi of stores for Vegan Cheese. We plan to start shipping to these new customers within next two months.


All this looks promising and i will the stock will turnaround in 1 or 2 quarters and can prove to be a multi-bagger in a years time.

Views invited.

Disc : Invested in it since 1 year and plan to add more once results improve.

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They have not updated their site with latest annual report or shareholding details … isn’t this mandatory for regulatory requirements ? Any other source where I can find it ? Thanks.

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Annual Report for 2017 - http://www.bseindia.com/bseplus/AnnualReport/526899/5268990317.pdf

Sept 2017 Share Holding -

(khushi) #120

Tells a lot about ompany’s assets / plants

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I bought and sold this stock in 2008 at 25 and people were talking about similar multibagger potential back them. We are NOW entering 2018. So, 10 LONG YEARS and stock is still at 25 and people still playing same stories. This is a bhangaar company with unethical promoters. People please wake up, another 10 years and it will still be same story at same price!