Great articles to read on the web

(Sunil) #21

Some good/interesting twitter handles to follow who post/retweet investing related content.

5 mins is all thats needed to analyze a business!
(Abhishek Basumallick) #22

A collection of all 45 CB Insights market maps and unbundling/disrupting graphics covering a variety of industries

(Alphin) #24

quick tutorial on Peter Lynch stock selection on youtube. A bit boring however if you can pay attention its return on time investment is too high :wink:

(Muser) #25

The foll. 3 provide unique & often contrarian insights…their archives are worth reading

  1. Jeremy Grantham
  2. Howard Marks
  3. Bill Gross

(Rajeev M. Parashar) #26

Nassim Nicholas Taleb rips into behavioral economics, Neuroscience & modern psychological research.

(avneesh) #27

A must read article by Ray Dalio, it will help you understand the current global scenario in a fine detail.

(Abhishek Basumallick) #28

I have been reading Ray Dalio’s writing for a while now. Somehow, I am getting to think that he is becoming afflicted by the “man with the hammer” syndrome. That is, he is trying to retrofit the view of the world to his “economic machine” model - which in my opinion is flawed to start with. His thesis on both short-term and long-term debt cycles do not have sufficient backing of empirical data and he is basically trying to extrapolate cycles from 2 major data points of economic stress (1930 and 2008).

My suggestion is - read Dalio, or others for that matter, but try to have a view of your own. And end of the day, no one (and I repeat that, no one) has successfully forecasted market cycles consistently, so it be better to look out for specific businesses and markets for cues.

(Alphin) #29

anyone read this book? please provide your feedback…

(The Confused Consultant) #30

I got my hand yesterday and just had an overview. I can provide a detail by
tomorrow, for now:

  1. I felt an excitement in reading randomly (which I do for every book
    before spending hours from front to back page) mainly it uses fictional
    biographical character with long historical time line.
  2. Chapters are short and discrete to some extent i.e. deals with one theme
    at time with continuing character.
    Would love to post more on learnings and unlearning, let me finish
    it…but not disappointed so far with 275 bucks. This came at a time
    after reading a book “Unusual Billionaire” which is neither unusual nor
    make you billionaire.

(The Confused Consultant) #31

​I just finished my reading and I could see Amazon slashed the kindle price
from 275 to 40 in a matter of 24 hours…crash bigger than stock market.
:grin: But the book is every paisa worth.
To start with this is a book par with some of well known readings , the
author’s way of narrating hook you till the end. I slept at 3 in morning!
A fictional character is used to take you through Indian stock market
journey with specific causes and effect behind every bull and bear period
starting from late 1980’s. Be it Harshad Mehta or Ketan Parekh author has
lucidly explained the modus operandi behind every such incident. Similarly
technical details on FII, Bond market is excellent too.
It brings of flashes of memory for some of the biggest and notorious names
likes Manu Manek, Pallav Seth , Hiten Dalal and their way of functioning. I
am sure many never would have heard names of some of these. Who can forget
epic battle between Dhirubhai and Manek !
A majority of names used are actual including Radhakishan Damani, RJ etc.
Author didn’t mind to expose some of these revered names and their callous
ways during their formation and initial period.
I am sure this fictional character used (Lalchand) is mirror of some trader
and investor who is apparently been associated with Dalal Street and it’s
coterie of who’s and who’s for long time. Something on similar lines when
Jesse Livermore was used fictionally in Reminiscences of Stock Operator.
Any guesses who is the character?(those who have completed reading).
A must read from my side, after a long time an Indian way of writing packed
with loads of facts has finally arrived. Brilliant job by Santosh Nair

(Alphin) #32

Thanks for the feedback, unfortunately though Kindle is showing the pricing as 0.82 dollar it’s not available for purchase.

Edit: bought it from my desi Kindle account… another book I bought is " Doing what is right the crisil story"

(Rajeev M. Parashar) #33

The IT Era and the Internet Revolution

On the disruption, creative destruction of old business models & emergence of new business models because of the internet.

(Abhishek Basumallick) #34

Bill Miller talks about everything from his stock selection process, his infamous streak, and what he got wrong during the financial crisis.

(Prashant Kulkarni) #35

chuck akre Value Investing Conference Talk: 'An Investor’s Odyssey: The Search for Outstanding Investments’

pdf is also available at the end

(Abhishek Basumallick) #36

Eisman sees major issues with banks in Europe, specially in Italy.

(Rajeev M. Parashar) #37

How Google Is Challenging AWS (H/T Value Investing World)

(Gary) #38

This was brilliant … been a while I’ve seen such clarity of thought. Thank you for sharing.

(Peabody) #39

Has anyone downloaded the latest Motilal Oswal wealth study 2011-16. If possible can you share.

(Anupam) #40

Motilal Oswal Wealth Creation Report.pdf (2.1 MB)

(Shriraj Thatte) #41

This article was shared by Neeraj Marathe on Twiitter today. It will make you think.