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An Interesting Article on IPOs in 2017. Looks at comparative analysis.

Link - A blockbuster year for IPOs

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Good interview - Peter Thiel and his contrarian approach

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This is certainly not one of the ‘usual’ type of links.

This is an academic paper to apply deep learning (Artificial Intelligence) to predict stock fundamentals. Very interesting and the results are astounding too.

Also - if someone can give me a large corpus of data (ideally, ALL stocks) of stock fundamentals in India, I can run some deep learning algorithms on it, ping me if interested.

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Cant make head or tail of the paper…can you summarize in laymen terms the findings

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• An interview with Prashant Jain of HDFC Mutual Fund -

• Read a very interesting article on building the 10,000 experiment mindset instead of 10,000 hrs of deliberate practice -
Following the 10,000-experiment rule means starting your day with not just a to-do list but a “to-test” list like Leonardo Da Vinci. According to Walter Isaacson, one of Da Vinci’s biographers, “Every morning his life hack was: make a list of what he wants to know. Why do people yawn? What does the tongue of a woodpecker look like?”
As you go through your day, following the 10,000-experiment rule means constantly looking for opportunities to collect data rather than just doing what you need to do. It means adding a deliberate reflection process based on reviewing data before the day ends.

• The idea that restaurant prices can vary based on the day of the week and time of day is an interesting one -

• General Motors takes away the steering wheel and floor pedals from the new Chevy Bolt autonomous car -

• But in the background, one company solidified itself as a stalwart contender for winning the year: Nvidia. The company announced that it had a new chip custom-built for self-driving cars, and that it was working with more than 320 partners who would use the technology to power their vehicles. It also announced a gaming monitor the size of a television, creating a new class of large-screen devices with the refresh speed required for professional gaming -

• The intriguing story of how Shapoorji Pallonji bought into Tata Sons -

• Taking a break improves performance as Roger Federer will testify -

• The online streaming video channels are creating micro-niches for themselves across genres and demographics -

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A nice comparison of attitude of an investment pundit vs that of an investment professional.

I like this one the best

The Pundit makes a living selling fear and greed.

The Professional makes a living helping to control these emotions.

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Basic guidelines for the beginners to select good stocks in India for long-term investment.

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The Era of Moat Companies may be diminishing…

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Raamdeo Agrawal & Mohnish Pabrai; Q&A session with Dakshana Scholars, Oct. 26, 2017


Wonderful video @sgjaclyn ! I am surprised and happy to see Charlie Munger Hall in a school. Blessed are the kids who are getting this knowledge in school and that too from the likes of Mohnish Pabrai and Raamdeo Agrawal.
I always felt why no one teaches value investing in schools or colleges, but happy to see these efforts.

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From the writeup above the paragraph that I really liked and believe in is reproduced below:

Keeping score in dollars extracted from the market, rather than whether a piece of analysis was correct, is one of the most effective strategies for maintaining the optimal “grip” on your investment ideas. While any fixed identity may constrain someone’s viewpoint, the identity of “I am great at making money” allows greater flexibility than “I am smart and therefore I make money” or “I am an expert at investing in financial stocks.”

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Good article - at the very least - this is base rate for long term investing in a diversified basket of stocks. My takeaway from the article is that long term returns in the broad equity markets are mostly the same everywhere whichever country you look at. Another good article is the equitymaster article.

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Economic Survey 2017-18 is out and it looks like the rigour of Economics was sprinkled with relief from literature.

The complete Economic Survey is here.

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My article on value investing…

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John Huber, the portfolio manager at Saber Capital Management, LLC, gave an investing talk at Google. He talks about why do well-known stocks get mispriced and more related topics.

More details and slides at