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Hi fellow VPs and seniors

Thanks and kudoos for helping small investors like me to gain knowledge on
Value investing I want to share a pure gold resource nevertheless than Berkshire letters .

This is Canadian software company’s CEO letters

another is Columbia business schools newsletters under Graham & Doddsville issues these are published 3 times in a year

another gem is Buffett 1972 Letter to See’s Candies and it’s take you can find it at

another goldmine resource is

Zenhabbits is a blog however not directly related to investing but to life as whole By Leo Babauta he has written his experience material is free of copy right The Little Book of Contentment

I further want to request for book “the art of speculation” by philip carret ,could you please share link if available on public domains.

Disclaimer: These documents are for research study with pure academic orientation. If any copyright arise admin is requested to remove the links. I am not promoting any web traffic and not directly related for publicity of these website .Use these material with your own due diligence . .


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A Q&A with arguably India’s best banker today - Uday Kotak

Why professionals will beat amateurs in the future

Lou Simpson, former chief investment officer for Geico discusses his portfolio strategy

A logical future is for blockchain based currency issued by central banks in lieu of paper currency

Focus in the answer to superior results. And a Not-To-Do-List!

A sneak peak into the famous and controversial Paul Singer and his hedge fund Elliot Management. The article also covers how they took on Samsung and how at times their practices can border on the boundaries of ethics.

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An article on Global Insurance M&As and its effect on India’s Insurance Industry is an opportunity for synergy to come from merger.

Link to Article - Global insurers on M&A prowl


Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

An interesting documentary on Minimalistic lifestyle.
I felt this was relevant since lot of members here are on their journey to achieve financial independence and this documentary offers a good point of view and interesting insights on consumption behaviours that sometimes trap us in the rat race and take us away from our independence.
Snippets on ad promotions and consumption behaviour.


For full movie, you will need an netflix account. Though you can watch free for first month.

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Good insight on Brands of India

Courtesy ;

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Motilal Oswal 22nd annual wealth creation study 8-Dec-2017

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@Ravichand08 - v well compiled

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Good discussion on asymmetric returns

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v good presentation - check it out

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Good info on Transforming Agriculture Through Mechanization by FICCI

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An article on Insolvency and Banruptcy Board of India for barring Promoters who are wilful defaulters from being applicants - Defaulting Promoters barred from being Resolution Applicants

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Most reclusive. Indeed.

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Boston Omaha Corp, co-founded by WB’s grand nephew. Surprisingly it is inspired but not endorsed by WB.

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Monish Pabrai talks about the irrelevance of buying a stock outside the circle of competence, his love for realty stock in Mumbai and how does he identify whats the right time to sell.

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Highly insightful interview.
on some Valuation related thread of VP where in i read lot of good productive old time debate on high conviction/ high under-valuation or Conviction coefficient/ valuation coefficient, Mohnish has described very nicely how his style works for his temperament. Also addressing debate we come across many times on holding a stock purchased at low level versus purchasing new. same he has addressed for Rain Ind.

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Very interesting pre ipo sales pitch by Jack Ma.