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Consumption stocks not the best bet : Kenneth Andrade

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Strongly recommend to go through the following videos. This is a 3-part series ( and I believe a 4th part is on its way ) that Bloomberg did with Raamdeo Agrawal recently on the pillars of investing ( Focus, Compounding, Quality and they are now planning to do one on Price).

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The trial and tribulations of an oil rig. Enjoyed the read thoroughly.

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Very good read. In fact every article from farnam street is a great source of knowledge for an investor.

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Interesting statistic on the median population age of the US. Currently its close to about 38

The more interesting insight is that every 10 years the population in US ages by about 2-3 years. This has meaningful implications on a wide variety of industries that export to US markets. Consumption needs of an older population ageing upwards are remarkably different compared to those of a younger population. The median age of women is even higher and is 40 in US compared to Males. In UK the median female age is 42.

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Loss Aversion

Here for the file source.

And click for PDF or Download if the direct pdf link below does not work.

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Being a generalist or a specialist? And Munger’s take on the same

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Templeton & Warren. 1985. Thank you inner scorecard :slight_smile:

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Look back in time on what messed up the NBFC space in 2008

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How the biosimilar ecosystem is shaping up in India

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Robots as nurse!

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Flipkart now planning to sell insurance

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Ambani vs Ambani

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We will need more Lithium

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From the Book - Margin of Safety by Seth Klarman

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A Fascinating historical piece on how the Industry titans of the 19th Century made their fortune. Many of the methods used to amass their wealth are down right illegal now.
Was wondering to myself if a similar article would be written in the next century on the current business models…:smile:

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Quest for investing in 100-baggers

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“You can get in a whole lot more trouble in investing with a sound premise than with a false premise.” - B.Graham

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