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The rate of $15000 per ton is an assumption made on the basis of the conference call conducted by HEG mgmt in the following link. (Page 21 has some details)

With respect to Tokai Carbon, their realisations on the basis of your calculations are quite low. While their website mentions annual capacity of 96k tons, I suspect capacity utilisation is lower than 90%.

I was not able to find details on how many tons they have sold, however, I did get some data on the price realisation as of Dec 2017 in the link below (which should have been realised in Q2 and later)

32-28 inch 24-18 inch

920,000 Japanese Yen / metric ton 900,000 Japanese Yen / metric ton

(d) Others:

16 inch and below 1,300,000 Japanese Yen / metric ton Shortening of payment term

The above works out to $8275 and $11700 per ton but the data is dated. This also leads me to believe that capacity utilisation is lower than 90%.

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I think, recent listing of Graftech has helped in getting the attention of many major research firms on the Graphite story. As per the following article, brokers have set a twelve-month consensus target price of $25.67 for the company. JPMorgan has even set an “overweight” rating and a $29.00 price target on the stock. Stock price has increased almost by 30÷ since its listing last month. Other Graphite companies like Showa Denko and Tokai Carbon also have increased by more than 20÷ last month.

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GI/HEG will be in ASM from June 1st with 5% circuit and 100% margins levied with other bunch of stocks

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