Force Motors - racing ahead!

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@advaitp , I agree sales growth had been flat to down however if you notice for past two quarters sales have improved and Ebita has increased YoY. PAT was down due to ‘other income’ which to me is a good sign as that excess amount would have been used for investment in upcoming joint venture.

Rest lets see how the story unfolds.

And I completely agree regarding disclosure part, company is not very open in sharing the info. That is little disappointing.

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And finally we see some positive growth numbers. I am happy with numbers however have few concerns as well. Will update bit later.

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  1. Intangible assets have doubled, however company has not given any details about these assets.

  2. Receivables have swelled to almost double.

  3. Inventories have also increased

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Production is decreasing YoY for SCV and LCV for last 3 months however sales are increasing. Indication that company is trying to clear huge inventory it had piled earlier.

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Quarterly numbers are on expected lines showing decent growth, which I hope to only increase going forward.

However company Investor Relation is really bad. I sent an email and then after waiting for 2 weeks and escalation to one of senior executive I got a response stating your queries will be answered in AGM. Pathetic response !

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I think you should read the history of Firodia! And, then read point number 15 in Fisher’s book: common stocks and uncommon profit!

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@rajeshaaidu : Could you please highlight the concerns on Firodia’s history. Or any reference which we can go through.

I tried however could not find much.

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It is very subjective thing! So I will refrain from writting on the forum. You can discuss through mail on the forum.

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Came across this article today . Seems quite interesting and promising . Someone with sound knowledge of automobiles can help us more wrt engine capacity and all other features and whether this product will catch the market fancy

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What’s happening here? Force Motors just does not seem to improve its sales.