FII/API Activity

(Ashish Arole) #1

There are two pages on MoneyControl that give the FII/FPI trade data.:


Which of these two pages give the true/correct picture of sumt total of FII activity in the equity (secondary) market? Why do we have two sets of data in the first place?

Also is there any definite conclusions we can derive from this data?
Thank you.

(Ashish Arole) #2

Requesting response from seniors.

(asarun) #3

Bumping this post up again. Where can I get daily FII trading data with a historical view for at least 1-2 years? Isn’t there some report on NSE/BSE that provides this information? I tried looking there and on other websites too, but was unable to find anything. I am only able to get the trading data for the previous day.

The moneycontrol page that Ferrari1976 points to (the second link) also doesn’t have a report. I can get consolidated ‘gross purchase/sales’ for prior months but daily data is only available for the current month.

Any suggestions where I can get such a report for daily FII buy/sell data?