Everest Industries - Multiple Drivers in place

(Parth2013) #23

Any one know about their solar rooftop bussiness??
Thay had done jv with France company for solar rooftop processing.
Any one know in detail??

(suhagpatel) #24

As per details available France’s Engie was in talks with Everest for Solar roof JV. However, the JV has not happened so far.


(lohiyaakshay08) #25

Anyone who attended the con call? Please summarize.

(Hrusikesh) #26

I called in to the call and scribbled few notes, here is what I can say from my notes(sorry it is very random):

After GST, new markets opened up. 70 new districts were added in the last quarter(Q2)
More products are being added.
Roofing market share is about 15%, boards and panels market share is 25%
Capacity utilisation for boards and panels is at 65-70%, this segment will grow 2-3 times in next 2-3 years
Exports used to be 50% of total boards & panels sales but now it is at 20%.
To somebody's question about the timeline of an PEB order, Mr Sanghi said that the  normal orders need 200-300 tons of steel and take about 18-20 weeks to execute

I think they will put up the transcript of this call in their website.

(Chandragupta) #27

Full concall is available on the ResearchBytes website. You can listen from there.

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(Parth2013) #29

I have uploaded the link which shows that JV has already done .
Please update about company process on it if anyone has known about it

(suhagpatel) #30

@Parth2013 if i understand correctly, your article mentions about Solar project management solution which is a kind of software part. Engile was in talks with Everest to have partnership to build Solar rooftops which is different. Check the article below.

Can you please find out how the Solar project management partnership will help Everest operation and sales wise?


(Parth2013) #31

Right sir , I have read the article.
So I think I’m misinterpreting the difference btw solar rooftop and solar solution.
So sir that’s mean the jv btw this two is not done yet .
Right sir ??

(suhagpatel) #32

Don’t call me sir. I am also learning like you. Yes the JV has not happened yet for Solar rooftops.


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Okk bro .
Can you share your number to me ?
We can chat in what’s app .

And also requested to share other people also . So we can creat a group and do some fundamental discussion on it .
Thanks suhag.

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Presentation on Solar rooftops by Everest industries at 6th EQCFS.

I am not sure why company is not talking about their Solar rooftop business even during concalls or any other events. Recent quarter results/concalls also did not have any mention about that. They may not have anything substantial to speak yet but a future guidance on that segment can surely help.

I feel Solar rooftops have good potential.

Views from senior members will help.


(Parth2013) #35

Yes I agree with you sir

(Shivram) #36

Solar rooftops make no economic sense. Added to that power costs are highly subsidised in many states. So unless the mindset of people move from low cost solutions to green living or there is a significant push from government coupled with sustained follow ups solar roof tops may not really pick up. And I don’t see either of this happening in the near future.

(lohiyaakshay08) #38

Will this dilute the equity?

(suhagpatel) #39

Issuing ESOP is a general trend in many companies. I have seen companies like L&T issuing ESOPs on a regular basis. However, i am not sure about its affect on diluting equity.


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One of my friends who is working for a solar start up is seeing lot of orders on solar rooftops. I am sure its picking up.


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Vijay kedia has bought everest industries and explained his rational for buying everest Industries on ET NOW

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Light Gauge Steel Frame Construction Technology

This is an interesting 2 year old video explaining a new era in steel construction

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