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@desaidhwanil sir, what are your views on the Max India result? The PAT has changed from (2.58) in FY17 to 6.31 Cr in FY18. This has mostly been contributed by Bupa. On the MHC front, as expected, things don’t look good right now. EBITDA has fallen from 281 to 222 Cr. This is the first time MHC’s EBITDA has fallen in last 6 years. The recent regulation on margin capping by Delhi government, clubbed with the prevailing sectorial headwinds make the near future uncertain and bleak. This however, should affect almost all private healthcare players to a certain extent. Eventually, guided by able management, some proper restructuring might turn things around again. Given the current attractive valuations and the prevailing pessimism around what are you views about the company ?

(jinushah) #209

Hi what are ur view now on EDEL vs Moti Vs IIFL