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(Ravi Krishna) #1

When doing fundamental quantitative Analysis (Common Size, Ratios) of companies i used two data sources (Balance Sheet, P&L, Cash Flow statements) so far.

  1. (I am using the free services)
    Data is very descriptive and detailed (like Assets, liabilities, Equity, detailed Cash Flow). Its very much similar to how
    its mentioned in the Annual Reports.
    I Observed that latest 2 years data (2017, 2018) is not accurate. The previous 8 years it’s accurate.

    Latest data is accurate.
    We can create our own template and get the analysis in one go (FCF, COGS etc we need to calculate later).
    Latest data is accurate
    The data is not descriptive. Like for example the balance sheet data sheet is not like the ones in the Annual Report. So
    to calculate ratios i end up taking data from MorningStar (Net Fixed Assets, Current Liabilities etc). Even the
    Cash Flow data is not descriptive (for FCF calculation).

Do you people have suggestions on data sources? Even if its a Paid data source please give details/Suggestions.

Ravi Krishna Yendru

(EL) #2

There is a + sign on screener, that expands the data
Some formulas are not accurate. I have created my own excel spreadsheet and scripts in autohotkey that goes to various sites and pulls data nice on the excel spreadsheet
The excel sheet then calculates remaining formulas - the whole excercise take a milisecond for basic data
Only morningstar for instance has historic P/E - I managed to download json files for all companies so P/E data json file is on my pc. The script opens that file and populates data on spreadsheet
Everyone goes through this, finding data at numerous locations. Sometimes you will find screener down or taken completely private or subscription based. In which case you can pull the same data from bse website
There is no one size fits all unfortunately
Screener also tries to implement as much features as they feel are needed and within the limitations imposed by the people they get their data from. I think historic p/e is not part of that as its not there on screener but ratestar has it.

(TK) #3

I use

They have a nice interface, haven’t checked for data accuracies though.

They also have a android application which is pretty decent as well.

(nitinver) #4

Looks a exact replica of Stockaxis

(Sandokan) #5

There are a couple more:

I have used the free versions and found these quite useful. Mojo has a premium version also. May wish to try.



(EL) #6

Any data you get from these sites is only the beginning as most of the time there are errors
For instance look at 20 microns, 2017 cash flow
Gurufocus & morningstar says operating cash flow was 52.38 which matches with annual report however look at others:
Screener & ratestar reports 2017 operating cash flow as 44.47 and
Trendlyne reports at 53

As always check key figures at different places - for me are operating and financing cash flow, and eps

(Ravi Krishna) #7

Yeah i observed the same. There are inconsistencies in each one of them. Agree that we need to check from multiple source.

(Sidhegde) #8

You guys could also check out our new prototype ‘Tijori’ for a quick business overview of a company. Fundamental quantitative analysis is still not available on the site but it should be out in the coming weeks.

(VijayShetty) #9

Is there a way to find Morningstar’s rating of whether the company has a Wide Moat, Narrow Moat or no Moat from the company’s page on morningstar?

Take for e.g. Hindustan Motors

From that page, I cannot find out the Moat rating for the company.

I have to go to & search for the company alphabetically & check it’s Moat rating.

Is there an easier way to do this?

(pradeep200417) #10

How do you get the json data?

(EL) #11

I’ll send you a private message, if you have used a scraping program before like ruby nokogiri or python than its lot easier. If not then let me know what you are looking for from that site and I’ll scrape and upload for you to download

(Shashankchauhan) #12

I would like to know this as well (Scrapping data from

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(Ravi Krishna) #13

Hi Edward, Can you send me the details as well? I want to try as well…