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(vagator10) #864

Did anyone attend the Concall-Q4? If yes, any main points?

(devinmori) #865

Concall-Q4 transcript -

(Dinesh Sairam) #866

So refreshing to hear honest and straight-forward answers to minority investors’ questions by a CEO. Hope the replacement is just as good.

(vagator10) #867

One of the most hollow guidance. Hope after 3 months they’re not sitting jobless with accumulated inventory, cash drain and no clarity on growth. At this rate, the fair value is 180 or lower

(Dinesh Sairam) #868

And how many guidandes actually work the actual way the CEO describes in any company? The CEO was very clear about questions on accumulated inventory and orders in the pipeline.

I find it funny that you say they may be jobless in a few months and still go on to “estimate” that the company is valued at Rs. 180. How did you arrive at this Value? I’m most interested in understanding the thought process behind this.

(vagator10) #869

It’s actually very serious; not amusing as you deem it.

My fair value estimate comprises the balance sheet strength, brand value, visibility and certain other factors. If you have a different valuation, plz elaborate your side as well. I honestly don’t know why to offer a higher valuation.

I’m invested and would like to question my belief all the time.

I welcome other thoughts.