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Thanks Anand. DO we know historically how much penalties CCI normally impose? Not sure it will be a huge dent on Cupid’s finances, I would think.

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Investor Presentation - Latest

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10% revenue or 3 times profit whichever is higher

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This video is interesting:

They explain why female condoms have not picked up in popularity and how the FDA is trying to get it approved.

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Exited now. Worried about management.

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Is volatility friend for good return?
Cupid positive triggers (expected !!) - (1) Big order from South Africa, Brazil this is for three years 2018-2021
(2) Cupid could be eligible for supplying Female condoms to USA once US FDA degrades Female condom from Class-III to Class-II. (3) Earning growth from expansion, lubricants, wipes, hand sanitizers, etc.

Considering balance sheet (zero debt and cash on hands) and excellent ROCE, ROE, future might be brighter than present !!
Disc- Invested and have biased interest !

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Order win worth 3.79 Cr.

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This order win is not even material to be notified. Don’t they sell B2C?

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3 things about female condoms you need to know (because you probably have no idea) via @hellogiggles


What’s with management?Can you please let us know?

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Analysys by Vijay Malik

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There are certain aspects, which an investor gets to know upon analysing the company. The company got its shares listed on stock exchanges shortly after its incorporation without the commercial launch of its key product, male condoms. The company invested in a few seemingly real estate companies, where it, later on, wrote off the investment. The company had issued preferential convertible warrants to its promoters, which we believe is not the best of the methods to raise funds in the times of liquidity crunch.

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Always good to keep one eye on promoter’s doubtful activities, however, second eye must be on earning growth!. Too much doubting could result into loss of opportunities.
I think Cupid is clear opportunistic bet…If Cupid able to get south African and Brazil female condom tender and US-FDA reclassify the female condom to class-II, Cupid will again show similar price trend as in 2015 after winning south african tender !

At this price, less to lose but more to gain!

Disc: Increased cupid holding at 240 …hence my views are biased !!

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Cupid results are out today dividend of 20% given.

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you forgot to mention the results are a bad. significant PAT decline in 4q

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cupid resut.pdf (2.2 MB)

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Sales is down slightly raw material cost have increased .profit have decreased by almost 50%

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Cupid result - poor performance in-spite of lower latex price due to lower revenue from high margin product (female condom) , which promoters claiming due to lower order from south African govt.

Cupid main business is from govt tenders from India and across the world. As govt tenders are not uniform and there always factor of politics in such tenders, it is expected that revenue and profitability is not linear. However, i am just waiting for final outcome of South African new tender, Brazil new tender and US FDA female condom re-classification. My waiting period is till Dec 2018 to decide next step !