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(kums17) #815

I also think its cheap, considering it as FMCG. The company is also building new products slowly in health and hygiene section. If the succession plan
( yet to be known) works well, the next Gen can take it to new heights.

I am not invested - Monitoring closely

(manivannan.g) #819

Wondering that how a “pioneer” saw the value in this counter on first day, the same was vanished on the second day and sold off 90% of the holding? For me somehow i felt that they pumped the price, expected retail investors to barge in, but nothing happened (could be kind of BTST). Who knows, after all this is market, anything happen with anyone.

PS: I don’t know about Mangal Keshav, if you know about them or if they are trustworthy that they don’t do this kind of pump and dump, I welcome your opinion.