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Thanks. If i am not mistaken, they anticipated this order and highlighted that in the Concall. Right?

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Really? I hadn’t seen it in the concall. Maybe I didn’t read it properly

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Order of size 1.36Cr for a 280 Cr Mcap company , call for a press release / exchange filing !

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Would suggest to look at a company in totality . Building opinion on standalone factors may result in bias

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Then why buy more shares ?

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Can’t get your point bro.

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Sorry i misread. I thought you said it won’t increase by 20%

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They are trying too many things at once, with no clear view on successor. That’s the concern. Also I guess the female condom price is 50 Rs. You can get 5 male condom piece in that I guess. Then why will customer buy it for 50 ?

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It is the first order in Malawi, a new geography. The release is to show that and not size of the order

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Thank you all for the contributions. A great turnaround story from 2014/2015.

With given almost monopolistic position in FC and current and future financials that arise from it, I feel the stock is currently fairly valued. I am not an expert in valuation. But can I ask for help from fellow members on their views on valuation? Also, There was a heavy selling of the positions as per latest AR. I am not sure if I am missing something here.

@RajeevJ, purely guessing you are the same person who appears on last AR. I completely respect your decision of selling off. But would you mind sharing if it was because of any fundamental reasons or purely from booking profits point of view? Thank you for your feedback.

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Anybody has full article? Please post here


This is a typical click and bait report by They write very pedestrian article and provide sexy sounding headline to attract new subscribers through google alerts etc. . I am a subscriber precisely for this reason as they had one interesting headline on a particular stock but the content was absolutely useless. Big fan of Sucheta but this whole stock write up section is avoidable by

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True that! I was interested in one such article and wanted to see the content and subscribe if it was legitimate story. So, asked a friend to share the content, after reading that I got fooled by the headline, it was just the interpretation of pervious quarter nos. of that company which you can get it on Moneycontrol.

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Cupid has been quietly creeping up & crossed the year’s high.
Not sure what the reason is though ( no official news on any order win at this yet).
At around 400( PE 20) , it would appear that any undervaluation has been removed .
Closely watching this quarter’s management commentary.
Disclosure: Invested


Right, i was precisely wondering why the stock is moving north with this sprint, without any news, block deals, updates. I guess we have to wait for the results and commentary.

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Fundamentals are good and the price at this stage looks cheap as compared to market PE. Any expansion should create wealth. Some more study may be appropriate in my view.


Just for sake of discussion, if we can count Cupid as FMCG company, then i would see it is currently at 50% discount value compared to FMCG sector. Anyways, I would agree, fundamentals are good of the company and it is trying to identify space in competive market.

I saw bulk deal details for Cupid, which confirms the sudden spike. Checked on google about the buyer and Mangal Keshav Capital Ltd. is one of the pioneer members of Stock Brokers association Bombay

MANGAL KESHAV CAPITAL LTD* bought 57,005 shares of Cupid Limited at Rs 396.04