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(manjushree) #646

One way of increasing awareness about the product could be by way of blogging. A sample could be sent to good and respected bloggers who have a huge female following. This way they can directly reach the potential customers.

(Bheeshma Sanghani, PhD) #647

As outlined earlier, the main issue which is of concern to me is that the FC while an invaluable product with many benefits is not easy to use. While many companies are probably working on this aspect ( i hope ), there seems to be a no clear cut winner in terms of usability. While researching i found several documents that broadly spoke of the same thing. This issue is likely to be common to all companies in this industry,

Ref : chawatama_utilization_2014.pdf (1.2 MB)

I am not an expert on FC but as i read more about them , i dont get a sense that any solution to this is in sight at a product level. Therefore, from a marketing point of view ( neither am i an expert on marketing) - one possible way to gain traction is to make this product “cool & fashionable” for its users.

If there are no initiatives at the product or marketing level in the next year ( current all the efforts seem to be in the direction of winning tenders) - i may look to exit my position as i will not be comfortable with the business. However, i am hopeful that the company will take decisive steps in this direction in which case i will add to my position.

(Rahul2015) #648

Sir, have you exited/trimmed your position in Cupid?
What is your outlook for the future for this company?

(Rajeev Jawahar) #649

Yes Rahul, I have reduced my investment substantially in the Co.

It’s a fine Co., but as an investor one has to factor in the opportunity cost of holding an investment. The problem that Cupid is grappling with is that in most cases, the person using the condom is not paying for it! The user is dependent on the doner. Unless that changes, any further re-rating would be difficult. Growing the B to C business is easier said than done.

I was hoping that the Female Health Co. in the US could take over Cupid as it would be a win-win for all. There is a buzz that the current QIP could be a convoluted way of getting the Female Health Co. invest in Cupid, but I found it a little too far fetched.

(mp bajaj) #650

Yes, very sensible reply. Trigger is FHC only for re-rating of this good financially sound biz. Thx.

(Rahul2015) #651

@RajeevJ, Thnx for the insights!!

(Janarthanan Natarajan) #652

As per the filing today morning, Mr Garg has planned to transfer most of his stake to his wife. Anyone has any ideas about what could be the plan behind this? Thanks.

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(AbhijitMani) #653

Yes, management needs to come out with some clarifications , and soon.
Mr Garg’s holding has gone down to approx 3% from 44%, but the promoter holding itself is unchanged.

(cool_gaurav) #657

I just talked to Company secretary of Cupid and he confirmed that this inter se transfer only as a group planning (May be tax planning) and there is no other concern, someone posted on moneycontrol health related issues which is just a rumour.

(ramanhp) #658

Glad to notice that company responds to investors so immediately.

(Amit) #659

But the disclosure shows that nearly 37% of shares of O P Garg has been transferred to Veena Garg. It could be just tax play by internal restructuring of Promoter group.

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(Venkatesh) #660

I have read on some investor message boards that Mylan might be looking at Cupid as an acquisition candidate. I don’t know if there is any truth to this or it is just a rumor. Mylan had acquired an Indian female healthcare company Famy Care in Nov 2015 for US$750mn.

Putting 2 and 2 together I wonder if Mr. Garg’s stake transfer to his wife is all tax planning before any promoter stake sale to Mylan or some other company.

Mylan completes acquisition of Famy Care’s female healthcare biz
The deal will allow Mylan to tap into the female contraceptive and healthcare segment in India. The deal was announced in February and it received a clearance from Cabinet Committee of Economic Affairs (CCEA) earlier this month.

The transaction brings Mylan a broad women’s care portfolio, strong technical capabilities and dedicated hormone manufacturing, which, when combined with Mylan’s expansive global commercial footprint and supply chain infrastructure, will create a leading women’s healthcare franchise, the company announced today.

Mylan CEO Heather Bresch said "We look forward to building upon our existing commercial presence in emerging markets by leveraging our global supply chain and operational excellence to further accelerate our growth. This will include building upon our existing women’s care portfolio in India and expanding our reach in support of Family Planning 2020, a global partnership that aims to enable 120 million more women an girls to use contraceptives by 2020.

Mylan, among the top five generic companies globally, has been expanding its presence in India for a while. It entered India in 2007, with a $730-million buyout of Matrix Laboratories. In 2013, it acquired the specialty injectables unit of Bengaluru-based Strides Arcolab for $1.75 billion.

Mylan and Famy Care have an exclusive partnership dating back to 2008, under which Famy Care develops and supplies over-the-counter (OTC) drugs to Mylan for distribution to customers in the US and a few other markets. In the US, Famy Care and Mylan have a portfolio of 12 approved products, with abbreviated new drug applications (ANDA) for 30 drugs pending the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Started in 1990 by Jyotiprasad Taparia, Famy Care is the third-largest maker of over-the-counter contraceptive pills and injectables and the largest producer of copper-Ts globally. Other major products from the company include rings for tubal ligation and condoms. Famy Care recorded a revenue of Rs 400 crore last year.

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(shubhams95) #661

There was a huge block deal today. Anyone know who did it?

(shubhams95) #662

I hope this will be true as I truly believe this will be the final outcome of the company. Can anyone else confirm this?

(Janarthanan Natarajan) #663

As per latest disclosures, Elara India opportunities fund has picked up 352000 shares from Mr. Garg. Rest of his shares have been transferred to his wife as per earlier disclosures.

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(Ishank) #664

I had discussion with Mylan. It wont buy Cupid. Mylan’s focus is on drugs and not devices. They dont want to be in devices.

(vishal kumar) #665

An interesting read about male contraceptive gel a new innovation…

from article: A new birth control method for men has the potential to win as much as half the $10 billion market for female contraceptives worldwide and cut into the $3.2 billion of annual condom sales,
Sujoy Guha, the 76-year-old biomedical engineer who invented the product, the challenge is to now find a company who wants to sell it—even though male contraception is an area Big Pharma has so far shown
little interest in.

The procedure is 98 percent effective at preventing pregnancy—about the same as condoms if they are used every time—and has no major side effects

When a public health worker told the couple about Guha’s promising alternative, Ari decided to enroll in the study. The injection took 15 minutes with some local anesthesia, and after half an hour of observation at the clinic, he said he was able to walk the 2.5 kilometers home. Two days later, he was back at work. Ari was so enthused by the procedure, he convinced two other couples to have it done, he said.

(rathiraunak71) #667

Hi, might be meeting management of Cupid Limited in next week. Any queries?

(Bheeshma Sanghani, PhD) #668

Hey thats great. If you could ask them any specific efforts taken towards improving the usability of FC’s it would be great

(a_anurag79) #669

Could you plz check

  • what are their plan about new product line(s) e.g. lubricant etc, in terms of revenue share, market share etc. Planning to launch any other new products?
  • How are they planning to reduce their dependence on FC.