CSL Finance Limited - Transition To NBFC

(Raj) #81

@DEEPAK_AGARWAL, Are you still following the company? Any views currently in terms of growth plans & management integrity? Promoter shareholding reduced by about 3% (59 to 56) in the last quarter ( Q1 fy19). Any reasons …

(RadheyShyam Aggarwal) #82

It seems to be consolidating a bit after a long run. Company has its inherent strengths but momentum of growth is quite slow


No not holding currently as I believe these sector has got hyped and may be near to or at fair valuations …
So trying to avoid it for some time .
And to be specific about promoter selling , so it’s always negative , there can be personal reasons too .
No doubt about promoter integrity till now, will see if I get something in future .

(bullrun1988) #84

Sir there was some equity dilution about 1.65 lakh shares under ESOP and regarding share holding by promoters they already made announcement that some are their non-core promoter and they selling their holding

(Gaurav152) #85

the selling was largely done by some non core promoters… there is huge opportunity ahead of these guys. They have decent track record in lending till now and are very strong in their micro markets particularly real estate lending. company has been very good with timely disclosures. Nothing to complain as of now.

(Gaurav152) #86

Interesting update in the Q1 results is that the company is implementing Nucleus FInnone, for Loan origination and Loan Management. now this is a good sizeable investment on IT, even if it is on cloud…further indication of the appetite of the company to scale and formalize its processes for the impending scale up.

(Tanmay Jagtap) #87

Anyone from VP visiting the AGM?


Anybody in touch with the management to understand funding constraints? I recall they were facing difficulty in raising bank funds even before this liquidity crunch started. It looks like it will take much longer to leverage their balance sheet adequately if at all they survive in the medium term.

Disc: Had tracking position exited before the carnage

(Raj) #89

I attended the AGM had a chat with the management team on the sidelines. They confirmed that they have short term funding issues as their sanctions are on hold by few banks. Next couple of quarters will be challenging for them.

Disc: Holding. No trading in last many months.

(RICHAJ) #90

Any more insight from the AGM? Do you think the management has the capability to scale the company up significantly?

(Gaurav152) #91

2 quarters are immaterial…these are headwinds every company faces from time to time…long term investors need to just demonstrate some capacity to suffer with the mgmt to reap long term benefits.