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(Vishnu Ch) #1

Hello All,

I have been collating Transcripts from various sources since Q1 FY18.
Most of them are from Exchange filings, Company websites, Yahoo Finance and MoSL Voices.

On average there are around 350+ transcripts published every quarter.

So far, 360 transcripts have been published in Q2 FY19.

There are 3 links available in case anyone gets suspended temporarily due to bandwidth limits.

(Edit: Added Google Drive link as requested)

PCloud Link


Q2 FY19

Additionally one can also catch up on Capital Markets concall highlights from the below link:
Count: 150+

(Edit: Thanks to suggestion from @pratikchandak, I have created a Google Docs which is editable by all. )

The reason for collating them, though they are available on capital markets portal, is due to the fact that it lists only the latest 100 highlights.

Cheers and Safe investing!

Thanks and Regards,

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(Pratik Chandak) #2

Very nice initiative and that was much needed…
Is there any way that public can add to it… I mean if I have any highlights… then can I update it there…
If public also adds to it… then we will have multiple sources and database will be reacher…

(lastgenesis) #3

Great work, very helpful.

(Vishnu Ch) #4

Excellent Suggestion!

Have edited the OP to reflect that.


(James Sebastian) #5

Very useful! Thank you!

(Vishnu Ch) #6

100 Transcripts updated so far…

Below is the delta compared to the snapshot in OP.

(Savishesh) #7

Would request you to kindly map it to Google drive instead of dropbox?

(Vishnu Ch) #8

Have added it. However, I am curious as to why you wanted Google Drive specifically?
Was it a question of convenience or any other reason?

Additional 17 transcripts uploaded.


(Savishesh) #9

I find it more convenient than dropbox. No other reason. Thanks a lot !!

(Vishnu Ch) #10

Following transcripts have been added (or replaced with the official release from the company)

(Vishnu Ch) #11

Updated Count: 196

(VALUE2017) #12

Great effort and I think every one of us should contribute to that and the moderators should help in making available at the website level.

(Vishnu Ch) #13

Updated Count for Transcripts: 223


(Vishnu Ch) #14

Updated Transcript Count: 273


(Vishnu Ch) #15

Updated Transcript Count: 360


(VALUE2017) #16

great job being done for the benefit of all investors

(Vishnu Ch) #17

Q3 FY19 Transcripts up and running.

IndusInd Bank, TCS and Bajaj Consumer Care added.

(sarthak kumar) #18

Could you share the link.


(Vishnu Ch) #19

It is in the OP (opening post).
There are 3 alternate links.

(Vishnu Ch) #20

Q3 FY19 Capital Markets Highlights (77 Covered so far)

Q3 FY19 Transcripts (Updated Count: 104)