Commodity and Cyclical Plays

(Raj A A) #821

Export growth plunges due to high base effect

(Jiten Parmar) #822

As said before, I am in wait and watch mode currently. Had exited all but one position in steel sometime back.

(Shailesh) #823

Check VLCC rates & Dry Bulk rates you will get idea what is happening

(arpitjain512) #824

@jitenp Sir How about the Paper Industry? Is it at the Peak now and shouldn’t be touched or there is still steam left for fresh entry at cmp?

(Jose) #825

How does the telecom cycle look?the sector seems to be heavily beaten down.Now that the sector has consolidated with just 3 main players all with sound standing eventhough at alarming debt levels.with jio’s aggressive marketing the pain in the sector maynot be over,but is it time to look into the sector. Secondly ,the recent idea of telecom players like idea and airtel bringing in validity recharges are expected to increase arpu from next quarter itself.
Disc: not invested

(Manohar T. Patil) #826

An article in business standard about circular economy. India’s current positioning in circular economy. Circular economy will have defining impact on metal sector especially steel and aluminium.

circular economy.pdf (1.1 MB)

(Jiten Parmar) #827

My article in Economic Times, a couple of days back.



Here comes the capacity for Paper in India. At least few years away and with other uncertainties of the project going through in a different political regime.

No investment in the paper sector

(HIMSHAH) #831

Caustic soda price has gone up again above 41 + . lets see how much it sustains

(Manohar T. Patil) #832

Aluminium prices have corrected by over 20% from recent peak.Which are the aluminium consumer companies that are expected to benefit from it. I could not figure out a company which uses aluminium as key raw material…Thanks in advance

(divyansh ) #833

Consumer durables … Pressure cookers …Though I am not sure about the time lag when the margins will show less input costa.
Ps…invst in ttk prestige

(Bhaskar Bora) #834

Yeah, branded pressure cooker companies will not lower prices.

Will be gud for them

(SOHAN) #835

Hello hits bhai .the valuations of many textile players are looking cheap .are you tracking this is demand supply scenario of this industry

(Abhijit Sinha) #836

Havells recently came out with its Q3 numbers. Aluminium consists 15% of its RMC, They faced margin pressures due it its increasing costs.

(manan1379) #837

pellet prices set to go up due to supply disruptions at vale brazil @jitenp


(roomy) #838

is there any website that keeps track of the raw materials and finished products of various listed companies for example like heg manufacturers graphite electrodes from calcined coke so something like that i could only find mojomarket as such source does someone know anyother such source? Thanks

(narenarora) #839

@jitenp. Both Ferro chrome companies have corrected significantly. The fe chrome prices are around one year low. What is your view on this sector and both these companies currently
Would appreciate your views. Thanks

(Jiten Parmar) #840

one must wait. I will ramp up only when I see cycle turning. As of now, monitoring it. Do have initial foot in the door.

(Learner) #841

Jiten sir , any suggestion in capital goods and engineering sector where we can start building position